Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Almost Time...

Man, those two words mean so much right now. I'm not trying to provide more gravity to the election. I'm just saying, given where I am at this specific moment of my life, those two words mean a whole damn lot.

First, I'm about to go through a huge life change. I'm not ready to share it yet, but I'll post it here as soon as I'm ready for the whole world to know. But it's pretty cool fucking news, that's for sure.

Next, the obvious fact that the Presidential elections are 6 days away. This is phenomenal. The minutes are counting down and I'm SO looking forward to not having George be the President of this company anymore.

Beyond that, there are the senatorial races going on and I cannot wait to see Barrack Obama be elected as the Senator of Illinois. I watched his speech during the Democratic Convention and was just blown away by his story, vision, and his articulate oratory. I hope to see him rise through the ranks and make a real difference in American politics over the rest of his career. He's simply put, inspiring.

Sharon is laying next to me in bed right now. She's focusing on doing homework while I try to burn a few more precious minutes, waiting to fall asleep. I can sense that moment coming soon.

I went to the Apple press event today, introducing the new iPod Photo. I thought it was interesting. I'm not sure if the form factor is right for photos, but assuming I play with it myself, I might be coaxed into believing it's still a great product. It was interesting watching Steve Jobs' interaction with U2. It looked fairly friendly. I'm not sure if he's a big fan of theirs or just someone who respects their success and stature in the rock world. Probably a little bit of both.

Bleh, other than that, I'm done. Time for bed. Turn me over cause I'm cooked.

nite nite.


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