Sunday, October 17, 2004

Jon Stewart for President

I must say. I'm a HUGE fan of Jon Stewart. He and the rest of the writers on the Daily Show are doing a true service for Americans. They've been using the mass media to show the whole world how ridiculous the American media and politics have become.

This week, Jon Stewart was a guest on the political debate talk-show called Crossfire on CNN. He was masterful. He spent 25 minutes telling them how it is, calling them out for failing to do the job that the Framers had in mind for the media. He destroyed them. It was the best half hour of television I've watched in years.

Here's a link to the full transcript.

And if you're interested in downloading the actual footage, here's the bittorrent link as well. Download at your own risk.


  1. Personaly, I'd have said it's more important that he doesn't run. The American Media and political system desperatly need people like him to shake up the media.

    If he goes political, that cuts his balls off in the media.

    The British media is far from perfect, but, it does a much better job than the US media (particularly the BBC) at being political agnostic and cutting the crap out from the politicians and the sections of the media (such as the national newspapers here) that do have political agendas.

  2. Oh that was just an awesome show when they brought Jon on, he really handed it to them and I think said what many Americans were thinking.