Saturday, October 9, 2004

Second Presidential Debates

Round TWO. The second debate concluded last night and boy was it a show. Punches left and right from both sides. Although Bush faired significantly better this debate than his first, I still feel as though Kerry had a better handle of the facts and was far more articulate than Mr. Bush.

Mr Bush downplayed his previous theme of expressing the difficulty of being President in today's US. Nevertheless, the tone of his voice kept making me feel as though he was whining. There were a few areas where both candidates clashed, arguing facts that were inaccurate. Most egregious was Bush claiming he didn't have a stake in a timber company when in fact, the records show he does.

The composure of both candidates was also an interesting sight to see. Kerry remained calm, collected, and articulate. Bush, though more articulate this go around, did lose his cool and forcefully shut down the moderator while he wanted to address a question. I think that America got to see the real Mr. Bush, someone who is not used to harsh criticism, someone who loses his temper when things aren't going his way.

On the whole, I thought the debate was interesting. I believe that Senator Kerry came away the winner of the debate, but Bush didn't cause himself as much pain this time around.


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