Saturday, November 20, 2004

Deer are Terrorists

Last night was.... interesting. Justin and I went over to Tom's house for dinner last night. We hung out, talked, played pool, and had a good time. Around 10:30, Justin and I left to head back to San Francisco. We thanks Tom and Clair for the food and said our good byes as we headed out on the road.

I was supposed to follow Justin to San Francisco. We headed down the dirt road from Tom's house and started making our way onto Hwy 9. Justin was going to go get some gas when I got a call from Tom, telling me that I forgot my work badge at his house. I turned around and headed back to Tom's to pick it up. By this point, Justin had reached the gas station and realized that they were closed; he decided to get over to Hwy 17 and get gas along the way.

For whatever reason, fate played a role last night. After retrieving my badge from Tom's I headed back on the road, driving along Bear Creek Rd. to get to Hwy 17. Along the way, I came up onto an accident at which point, I decided not to stop and keep going. It was dark and it didn't seem like anyone was hurt. I was going to call 911 and inform them of the accident as soon as I got into range.

As I was approaching Hwy 17, I received a phone call. It was Justin telling me that he just got into a wreck and to turn around. I thought, 'fuck, it was him and I didn't even realize it'. I drove back to the scene of the accident. Everyone was indeed fine, the CHP and tow trucks were already enroute.

Apparently, Justin was taking a steep and sharp turn on Bear Creek Rd. when he saw a deer in the road. He swerved to miss the deer and swiped the side of a pick up truck. Both drivers were shocked to say the least. Fortunately, nobody was hurt but both cars were undrivable.

After the CHP showed up, they set up some flares, and called to the station to expedite one of the tow trucks as the disabled pickup truck was partially in the road. After about an hour of waiting, one of the tow trucks showed up and hauled off the pickup to a junk yard.

The other driver's friend had arrived and they made their way home.

Justin and I waited around for another hour or so until the second tow truck arrived. Once Justin's car was properly rigged up, they hauled his car away and we called it a night.

Had that deer been 6 feet closer to Justin's car, or that other driver had been driving a little bit faster, and it would have been a head-on collision. It wasn't and all was well. I was talking to Sharon about it this morning and realized that had I not gone back to pick up my badge from Tom's, I'd likely have rear ended Justin in the midst of all the chaos.

Fortunately, no one got hurt. Everything worked out. And we all went our separate ways.

You'd think that those stupid deer would learn from the countless other deer who have died since the advent of cars. I mean, come on, stay off the fucking road. Justin and I thought perhaps that this was part of the deer master plan. Last night's deer got away without a scratch, perhaps they all take the chance. Hoping that they can stop the madness of cars by forcing drivers into accidents. Sometimes there are casualties for their cause, but most of the time, it is we humans who hurt ourselves.

Who knows. As far as I'm concerned, they're all forest rats and should be shot.



  1. Damn. I'm glad everyone is okay. My dad was in an accident involving an elk and two other vehicles. It took off the front end of a suburban and then crossed the road and went under his truck and then my uncles. The vehicles were more damaged than the elk... I think they're really made of steel.

    I remember getting really dizzy going down those roads. Tell Tom to move his house. ;)


  2. Glad you and Justin are alright. I keep having near misses with deer up here at the Ranch. It's like they WANT to get hit.