Saturday, November 27, 2004

DirecTiVo + Vonage = :(

Roughly about 8 months ago, I signed up to Vonage, while planning to get a DirecTiVo shortly after. I got the phone line because I knew that the TiVo would require it for connecting periodically for updates and what have you. Unfortunately, I didn't do enough research and quickly discovered that DirecTiVo and Vonage don't work together all that well.

At times it would take weeks for TiVo to make a connection through Vonage and do it's thing. After a while, I got sick of it and disconnected my TiVo entirely, after reading that it only screws up how Pay Per View works, and seeing that I don't use PPV, I didn't care all that much.

Now it appears not having TiVo hooked up has had an impact. After 60 days failed connects, TiVo has stopped recording from my Season Pass. Now I'm really fucking pissed because it missed this weeks rerun of Stargate Atlantis. I would gladly fucking pay more to get a god damn TiVo recorder with built into support for 802.11g. I don't understand why they won't fucking build one of these.

Instead, you have to jump through a bunch of hoops to buy an 802.11 adapter that MIGHT work with your TiVo. Here's a concept for you guys at TiVo and Phillips. Instead of fucking wasting your time introducing banner ads into fast forwarding, why don't you do some more consumer research and realize that there is a segment of your audience that is willing to pay a premium for things like WiFi enabled TiVos?! You BASTARDS.

I'm paying them cash money every month to be inconvenienced by the fact that TiVo can't phone home. Ugh.



  1. You've got to step back and realize that none of this matters. Life is much more than some subscription with a digital tv recording company. Once you realize this, you can begin on your own road for enlightenment. It's much more entertaining than watching some black man with an alien in his chest and a big stick that shoots lasers running through big magical hula-hoops.

    -A concerned reader

  2. Buy a ReplayTV, dorkus. It will update over your DSL and also won't show you banner ads while you fast-forward.


  3. You can always get a standalone TiVo and hook it up to a DirecTV receiver. Standalone TiVos can dial-up though a USB ethernet or USB 802.11b wireless adapter. You'll also get the Home Media Option will lets you play mp3s and show pictues on the TV. And, in a month or two, you'll get TiVoToGo which will let you download shows to your PC (or Mac) and burn them to DVD.

  4. amn. Does that mean last week's Apprentice episode where they designed Pepsi bottles didn't record? Double darn! I was looking forward to seeing that with you guys...

    So i'll have to come over this week and we can do puppet shows instead...

  5. Yep, blame DIRECTV and not Tivo. They refuse to support the USB port and any wired or wireless access on their "DirecTV DVR" -- which just happens to use Tivo. Standalone TIVO has no problems with it. (FYI: There is no product called "DIRECTIVO" -- though we all call it that still.)

  6. My Tivo recently just quit on me because I cancelled my land line comepletly forgetting Tivo needs it to get updated programming. So after 30 days it stopped working and actually reset. I thought, "no problem, I'll just get a wireless USB adapter." MAN THERE ARE WAY TOO MANY STIPULATIONS HERE! I can not find any of the adapters that are compatible because they aren't made anymore! So now I'm forced to reconnect my landlind just for Tivo. But my landline here in Los Angeles COST $20 FREAKIN BUCKS with just basic service. $20 just for Tivo???? Man, there's got to be a better solution!

  7. If you search around hard enough, there are ways to "upgrade" the Direct TV tivo so that it does work with highspeed updates and many more features that are avaiable to normal tivo users. Although it has gotten harder to do since tivo has stopped letting people post images of the tivo software, it is still possible and does work as long as your box is not too new.