Monday, November 22, 2004

Hurray for the Holidays... Kinda.

Well, it's finally getting to that time of year. You know, the point where you start stuffing yourself with food until your clothes no longer fit. That time of year where giving thanks means more than just coming over and having dinner but it also means shelling out hundreds of dollars a month later for your closest friends and family.

Ah yes, I love this time of year.

Let's talk about some of the things that rock about this time of year:
  • Vacation, vacation, did I mention vacation?
  • Time with friends and family. Hopefully they'll all try hard not to be too dysfunctional.
  • Yummy food
  • Presents
  • Road trips (for me, at least)
And with the good, cometh the bad:
  • Putting up Christmas lights. Two years ago it was the standard twinkle lights, last year the stupid icicles, and this year, undoubtedly lame snowflakes.
  • Putting up that God forsaken plastic Christmas tree. Every year, the moment I walk through my parents front door I'm followed and irritated until I put up that stupid tree.
  • Cleaning the Garage. Yes, my parents take the wonderful opportunity of me being home for the holidays to make me take the same boxes down empty them and put them up. This appears to be a yearly ritual.
  • Seeing old friends. Most of the time, seeing people from your past is cool, except when you hate their guts.
  • Putting on an extra 10lbs.
  • Having to open presents that you hate, then having to thank the person who gave it to you.
We do this to ourselves every year. You'd think that with all the bad that comes of it, we'd learn. Alas, no, we're like those deer; we just don't get it and we keep going out into the middle of the road, never learning from our mistakes or of those around us.

Bah, I'm just being pissy. I sense that I'm catching the flu. I've been deaf in one ear all morning and I've had a splitting headache since last night. If there's one reason I hate the winter, it's because of that damn flu.




  1. I'm gathering addresses to mail out postcards and Christmas cards. I don't know where to e-mail you these days so write to me with your address plzkthx.


  2. Steve, what's up dude its Eric [Sako's buddy].

    Just wanted to drop a 'hello.' I've been reading your site for a few weeks now [just before that long 'leaving Nullsoft' post] and I must say I really enjoy it.

    Anyway, I hope your SoCal Christmas stay isnt as unappealing as your post claims. ;)


  3. If it makes you feel any better, my week long hellfest in Colorado/Nebraska visiting relatives ended with mom kicking me out of the house after telling me I was a horrible daughter and that I ruined her Thanksgiving by coming.

    Oh yeah, the "fun" in dysfunctional was so missing on this trip.