Sunday, November 7, 2004

The Incredible Pixar

I went to go see 'The Incredibles' last night at the Metreon. When did movie tickets go up to $10 a ticket. The price of everything is getting to the point where it's insulting. *sigh*

When we got into the theatre, we spent about half the previews squinting in the darkness trying to find two open seats. It happens at every movie you go to, where two people show up late and spend 10 minutes walking from one side of the theatre to the other. As if their marching up and down the aisles isn't distracting enough, they even come and ask you if anyone is sitting next to you.

Nevertheless, we were finally able to get seated, in some nice seats I might add, and watched the movie. I must say, we were incredibly delighted. The movie was funny, sweet, intelligent, and beautiful to watch. It blows me away how far CG in movies have come.

I didn't know a whole lot about the movie, I was pleasantly surprised. The plot is pretty clever, super heroes who retire, have kids, and live everyday lives... Almost. The movie goes on to develop the complexities of hero's with their inability to adjust to normal life. They then get wrapped up in a situation that requires them to resurface their now rusty powers and save the day.

The movie even ends on a note that would lead you to believe that there would be a sequel, just like every other good super hero movie of the past 20 years.

After the movie I was so impressed. I have already convinced myself that I will have to see the movie again and probably purchase the DVD. Go take everyone you know to go see it. It's great stuff.

Pixar continues to outdue themselves with every production they make. I can't wait till their out of their contract with Disney so that they start rolling in the real big bucks. Good times.



  1. Yeah, I went and saw that last night. The audience was full of really sickly kids and me. So in between sneezing and coughing, I really enjoyed that movie. The end credits were amazing in itself.

    So what did you think of our little Star Wars Revenge of the Sith trailer?

  2. I've heard a lot of good things about it. Planning on seeing it this weekend... thanks Fandango! ;)

  3. The movie was incredible in itself. Absolutely awesome cant wait for the sequel bet there’s gonna be one. The animation and the characters were out of the world. Pixar’s done it again!

    Sharon (India)

  4. Monsieur dheur vous m aver bien eu je rigole aprceque vous ete plsu surprenant ke je le pensai so yo just have a potenciel comiser dheur