Thursday, November 18, 2004

So uh... What now?

So there appears to be an article on Slashdot asserting that Winamp is not dead. It uses an article recently posted on by Eric Caoili to draw it's conclusions. I just want to point out one thing.... The article written by Eric is the opinion of one very devoted Winamp fan that has never been a paid employee of Nullsoft.

This isn't meant to be an attack on Eric; I really like Eric. I value his tongue and cheek writing style and sense of humor. I also appreciate all that he did for Winamp with his enthusiast website, Winamp Unlimited. However, it's important to realize his use of words like 'we' or 'our' with regards to the state of Winamp or opinion of the staff is misleading. Eric has little to no information about the state of the project, the team, or it's future.

Back to the question about whether Winamp is dead or alive. I think one of the quotes in his article captured my thoughts on the topic. The fact of the matter is, Winamp development may slow or stop all together, but Winamp the product is a mere representation of something larger. It's a communtiy of active and incredibly loyal users who swear by it. Winamp will not die until every user stops using the product.

At this point, I am no longer an Nullsoft/AOL employee, I've lost all insight into Winamp's future plans. I can't confirm or deny whether or not Winamp is dead or alive, nor would I care to make any assertions. All I can say for certain is that most of the people who made Winamp what it is today, the same people that I've worked with over the past 5 years, have moved on.



  1. i was under the impression that Eric's articles were actually previewed and published by staff.

    I value your ability to state that you dont mean to personally attack Eric, but it seems thats very much the case. I'd check with whoever published it internally first before getting all verbal.

  2. Well, the fact that the article was unpublished says something about it's content. It was apparently on the homepage for a little while before it was removed. Unfortunately, I haven't had an opportunity to talk to Jonathan about the validity of the article or why it was removed, but my guess is because he too felt that once reading it, it was misleading.

  3. I was told the article was pulled due to someone complaining about the use of the word, "gay." Feel free to hit me up on AIM or in the channel if you want to talk later to clear stuff up, Steve. Sorry I couldn't catch you earlier this morning/late last night.

  4. Its sad to see you go, but im sure there are better places for you. I had this whole comment all typed up, and i cut it out of OpenOffice to put it in here, but i got destracted and i lost it all. thats me. ill try to rethink it up here.

    um, i dont remember. let me turn down my music and think real hard..
    I am so very unhappy that you are leaving Nullsoft, but im happy that you are leaving AOL. It seems to me that whatever AOL gets into always ends up bad. It looks good at first, to be sure, but then the whole mega-corporation mentality destroys it. There are many advantages to being owned by a mega-corporation like AOL, mainly money and advertising, but a great program like Winamp needs no advertising, and money can come from donations, and the pay system you have now. I know that suggestions are useless at this point, as you are gone, and i know you want to move on, but i want to throw my 2 cents in.
    iTunes is a great place for you to move to. In my super-biased opinion, Apple is a good place to work. Although I dislike anything Apple, mainly because its so hard to make web pages work on macs, they are a good company. Much better than AOL. I would have suggested that you work for the Linux movement, but i understand that you need to make money. Prehaps ill download iTunes, if there is a Linux version.

    Thats me.
    Open Source Advocate
    Linux Lover
    Firefox Enthusiast
    Web Developer

  5. Steve,
    I'm sorry to hear that the Winamp community can't accept that it's over. Winamp is still awesome, but with the multiple rounds of layoffs and then your departure soon after Justin's it could never be the same. Good luck at Apple, glad to see you'll be able to put your Winamp experience to further good use for music.