Tuesday, November 30, 2004

The way the Lord intended you to make music.

When Rock 'n' Roll exploded into the music world during the latter half of the last century, it was initially billed as being the 'Devil's music'. Today my friends, Rock music now has a new savior; the Jesusonic CrusFX 1000.

What is the Jesusonic CrusFX 1000 you ask? Simply put, it's a real time audio effects processor for analog music instruments. It's been Justin's pet project for several months and is finally at a point where it's really paying off.

You can plug in anything that's got a standard stereo audio output and using a series of menus select from dozens of audio presets that come bundled. Using the built in keyboard, you can also create your own audio effects that you can test and use in real time. The Jesusonic can also record samples then save, recall, modify, etc. all in real time.

The unit is light and easily transportable AND in the shape of a crucifix :). Jesusonic consists of a miniATX computer, keyboard, LCD display, and series of foot buttons used for navigation and sample recording.

Be sure to check out the Jesusonic Demo video:
It's good times and a lot of fun to play with.


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