Saturday, November 27, 2004

Well Isn't that Precious.

It's kinda interesting. Apparently, because of that article regarding my departure, I apparently have a readership now. Who'd a thought?

People have been dropping a line through comments, email, phone calls, or in person, to inform me that they've been reading this here blog and that they enjoy it. I wouldn't have expected it. When I write this thing, I rarely think about who is reading. It kinda makes you realize that with the world being as big as it is, people still seem to have a way of finding you and even surprising you.

I was talking to my brother on Thanksgiving and he told me that he's been reading my blog for quite some time now. He's even gone as far as printing and archiving my entries. I thought that was a little extreme, but he said he does it for stuff he writes too.

Wonder how many others go to those extremes. I wish that Blogger offered an online 'poll' capability that the blog owner could set up. That'd be pretty nifty. I'd probably use it all the time.

Yesterday, I went to BestBuy for a 6 hour sale (from 6AM-Noon). I was... caught by surprise. The place was seriously a mad house. I had never seen so many people there before. It must have been at least a thousand souls running around with credit cards flailing in their hands, trying to get a great deal on a TV, DVD player, cel phone, or the many other items that were marked down in price.

I picked me up a 802.11g card for my PC (so I can turn off 802.11b compatibility) and a copy of World of Warcraft (WoW). After I picked up the game, I realized that I just paid $50 for a subscription service. You'd think that they'd give the game away for free or something since you're planning on paying them $15 a month for the damn thing. I suppose it's likened to signing up to Cable or DirecTV, you usually have to buy some gear or pay for installation or something.

Once I got the game setup (can you believe it's 4 discs to install), I got my account setup and I hit the road. The game is fantastic. It's beautiful, immersive, and highly addictive. I played for 5 hours without thinking twice. After I was done playing at 1:00AM I couldn't sleep; I couldn't tell if it was because my eyes were burning or if it was because of the images of the game flashing through my head.

In fact, I might start playing some more right now. Good times.

Oh, one last thing before I go. Blogger, get it together; add the words 'blog' and 'Blogger' to your dictionary for spell check, not having it is just embarrassing.



  1. Ahhhh Warcraft.. how I've missed hearing those random sound effects as I go about making dinner. Alas, another Boulder Creek memory I suppose....

    If you think Best Buy was a madhouse, yesterday at the San Rafael Michael's craft store I saw two grown women play tug o war with a gaudy Christmas wreath.

    Good times.

  2. Actually I think it was slashdot that I read about you, and I print and save everything I go to.. you should see my porn drawer.. seriously though keep us updated on WOW I normally try to avoid massively multi-player games becasue they tend to be a real life replacement.. but I love warcraft