Friday, December 24, 2004

Los Angeles, Day 1

I must say, getting here today was a bit of a... trek. I ended up leaving SF a little later than I expected, spending my morning sleeping in a bit.

What I can't seem to understand is why there's so much fucking traffic coming out of San Francisco. EVERY TIME I take the 580 towards the Interstate 5, I ALWAYS get stuck in traffic. When you finally clear it, you come to find that NOTHING caused it. No accidents, no fire trucks. Nothing. Just a giant parking lot for no damn reason. This makes me very VERY angry.

Once I got to the 5, it was smooth sailing. I was surprised to see how loose the flow of traffic was, with most people cruising at 85-90mph. I ended up finally arriving in Los Angeles around 7:30PM, about 6 and a half hours after I left San Francisco. Once I arrived, I drove straight to my parents house with the hopes of getting a 30 minutes of down time before my friend, Armen, came to pick me up and head to our Sandro's surprise birthday party.

The surprise party was good. We went to a restaurant in West Hollywood called Spanish Garden. I had the Pollo en Mole Negro (Chicken Mole) which was delicious. I tried to take lots of pictures, which I'll post some day, I'm sure.

Once we left the restaurant, we all headed to Laura's (Sandro's lady friend) house. The plan was to head over there and enjoy some rounds with the hookah. Unfortunately, Laura wanted us to smoke the Hookah outside, and due to the cold weather, the desire dispersed like smoke.

Now, I lay at home, in my brother's old bed room. Attempting to fall asleep.

Speaking of hookahs, go buy one from Armen's new business He's made a really easy step based wizard to build your own custom hookah.

Hi Alice's cousin.


Alright, I'm sleepy time guy now.


  1. The dynamics of traffic ...
    Check out to see simulations of why you don't need a calamity to clog a highway. The 'Ring-road' shows a closed system of cars and trucks that generates traffic jams out of nothing (a bit like the butterfly effect). William Beaty has a theory on how defensive, laid-back driving can cure traffic jams.

    Ever since I'm listening to podcasts, I'm less troubled by traffic. At least I always have something interesting to listen to.

  2. Hi Steve. Hope you enjoyed all the home-made food in LA as much as I did during the holidays.

    Armen (Alice's cousin)

    P.S. I hate the traffic on the 580 too.