Tuesday, December 7, 2004

Wacky Week in Life of Steve

So, it's not really all that wacky. Apparently AOL did their lay offs today. Only a few people I knew got affected, from what I can tell. As I said, tough times are ahead over there.

We signed up to Netflix this past week, which has been a blessing to put it plainly. It's brilliant the way it all works. You tell it what movies you like and bingo, a day later it's at your house. I can't believe how efficient it all is. The only complaint I had with it thus far is that I can't think of all the movies that I want to rent. Fortunately, there's IMDB for that :)

I've been playing World of Warcraft pretty off and on over the past several weeks. I have to say that I'm really impressed with it, on the whole. It's the best of Warcraft, Diablo, and Everquest wrapped up into one game. That's not to say that I don't have complaints about it.
  • The barrier for entry is way too high. $50.00 to buy a game that you can't play without paying an additional $15 a month is pretty steep. I'd have no problem signing up for six months or a year if it meant that I get the game for free. I hope that they address that in future iterations of the the game.
  • They don't make it very clear that once you pick a side (alliance or horde) you're set for the life of the account. You have no opportunity to switch at a later date. If you want to switch, get ready to setup another account with a different credit card.
  • Once you've picked a realm to build your character on, you're stuck on that realm. Moving to another realm means that you have to create a new character and start all over. This is particularly frustrating when your realm gets overpopulated and you have to wait to sign on during high-traffic periods. At least provide a means via customer service to move your profile from one server to another.
Other than that, I love it. :)

Tonight, Biderman, Melissa, our old coworker Drew, and some of his friends all went go kart racing at an indoor race track in Burlingame. I have to say, I love that place. This is the second time that I've been to that place and each time I go, I get better and better. The wait is a little long for my taste, but once you're out on that track, nothing feels better.

I ended up getting 7th place, which isn't completely horrible, but clearly has room for improvement. It's odd, my best lap was 32+ seconds, but the lap before 34+ and the one that followed was 34+. Wonder what I did on that lap that was so effective?

If you haven't done it before, I definitely recommend it. It's a lot of fun, and definitely not a boys only activity, the ladies definitely seem to love it too.

Uh oh, it's 11:30, I should get to sleep, I gotta wake up early tomorrow.




  1. AOL's been slowly eating itself from the inside since they devoured Netscape. The Time-Warner merger just accelerated the process, which I can attest to witnessing first-hand. My eyes were opened to the dark clouds on the horizon when Rob, Ian, and Ryan left. I didn't really realize the severity until there were reorganizations every month or two. It's kidna sad, really... AOL had a good thing going, but refused to listen to employees who knew better, business analysts, and even its peers who had already experienced similar downfalls.

    I've moved back to California after my contract with Apple Computer in Texas completed its term. I think Mr. Blumenfeld asked me once where I "expected to be at in 5 years." I know he meant "within the company," but I answered his question literally -- I told him, "San Diego" -- an answer that puzzled and intrigued him. Who would have thought that without conscious effort on my part, it game true. Life's full of funny flukes like that. Now to get some employment worth speaking of....

    Personally, I'm not too thrilled by World of Warcraft. I gave it a fresh attempt, putting my blind hatred for previous Blizzard games (especially Diablow, Warcrap, Starcrap, etc.) behind me. I was impressed by the graphics, although I was reminded of Dark Age of Camelot and Lineage II -- both games looked nice, but had nearly nothing to offer in fun and attractive game-play -- W.O.W. is no different, in my opinion. The price for the game is about par with the other massively multiplayer online games, with the exception of Neocron and Ryzom, which are downloadable for free, if you have a few days to do the 1GB+ file downloads and patches.

    Good to see you're still alive and well, Steev.


  2. Yep the Layoffs happened. I was one of the casualties.
    They cut about 1000 people in VA, OH and CA. About 850 in VA.
    About 10% of my team Bit the bullet.

    Back to the job search :(

  3. Sorry to hear that Brad, what did you work on?

    Nice to see the comment from you Jason, happy to hear you're still around. Cali4life.