Friday, January 21, 2005

Damn you Windows XP

I'm going to lose it. Yes, that's right. Tonight, I turned on my piece of crap PC for the first time in a week. And what am I greeted with? No, not the familiar but boring Windows start-up sound but a fucking IP conflict. It appears, one of my neighbors is on my wireless network with my IP address.

That said, I started mucking with my Airport to try and get them to get off. However, for some reason, Windows XP wouldn't log onto my network. Finally, I decided to set up WPA encryption to keep the wanker from hogging my bandwidth. Unfortunately, Microsoft can't get their stupid piece of crap operating system to work with the Apple Airport. Therefore, I am forced to use my network in unprotected mode.

In the midst of all this, I had to hard reset my Airport Extreme, resulting in losing all of my port forwarding configurations, causing a whole other set of problems. Regardless, after a few hours, I was able to reconfigure the Airport to it's previous setting and all worked well, for about 10 minutes. Somewhere along the line, Windows decided to not connect to my Airport, even tho the IP was available and the Airport unprotected.

I'm about ready to throw that piece of shit out the window. I really can't deal with how much of a piece of garbage it really is.


Okay, well, now I have to go to bed and I can't do anything about it. This sucks. I HATE Microsoft. Thanks for ruining my night.



  1. Um... what's the problem you're having, specifically? Getting XP to do WPA at all? Or something else? You're not making it easy for anyone to help you...

  2. not really looking for help. as i suspected, i turned on my computer the next day and everything was working again. fucking piece of shit Windows.


  3. Steve,
    Do you have Service Pack 2 installed on your XP machine?
    Before SP2 was the stone age for wireless with XP.

    You'll find many more security options if you're not there yet.
    -Tim H.

  4. You know you can set up plain old regular WEP on the AirPort, XP works fine with that and your neighbors can't get on then.

  5. That's why you should ditch the PC altogether ;-)

    I left you a late reply to the hi you gave me on your dec. 24th post.

    -Armen (Alice's cousin)

  6. Windows XP is a piece of shit. I tried to install my new wireless adapter and I had to spend 5 fukcing hours on Linksys's shitty tech-support, and I NEVER FIXED IT!!!! God dam'n you fucking Windows XP!