Friday, January 14, 2005

Macworld '05

I've been working the booths this whole week at Macworld '05 San Francisco. It's been an interesting experience. I've been representing for the iPod shuffle and I must say the response has been tremendous.

Many many people who come to the booth are very excited by the player once they get their hands on it and play with it a few minutes. The Apple Store on 4th and Stockton has been getting shipments nearly daily, only to be sold out within hours. I'm confident that the new player will be a phenomenal success.

The other major hardware announcement is the introduction of the Mac mini. This little tyke is something to behold. It is incredible how they managed to boil down an ENTIRE computer down to 6x6x2 inches. I am looking VERY forward to having one of these in my living room. I'm planning on getting one as an inexpensive home media center, for containing all of my photos, music, and other personal media. It's extremely elegant and appropriately priced.

As for the experience it self? Well, frankly it's a little tiresome. I don't mind so much waking up and getting down there. However, once there, standing up for hours on end starts to wear down on you. Now on day 4, I'm exhausted and am looking very forward to this weekend.

I must sleep now, I have to wake up and prepare for tomorrow's final day serving as a booth babe.

Sleep well.


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  1. Oh man! That's a surprise!! You representing iPod shuffle??!!?? That's great!