Wednesday, February 9, 2005


That's it. That's all I have to show for 5 years Stock Options I was issued while working at AOL. I feel so cheated. After all that "hard work", those options they issued so graciously, I was only able to sell 225 shares that were above water. Unbelievable.

What should I buy with my whopping $959.35. Maybe I can use that to buy a big sign that says "Bullshit" and I can plaster it to the side of my apartment? Perhaps I can use the money to buy myself something useful, like, put it as part of my down payment for a new car?

Bah, I gotta go clean up and go to bed. I have to wake up early tomorrow.



  1. Hey buddy - I feel your pain - I was at AOL for 5 years and got about the same when I quit. Looks like we're neighbors now though - i work a couple of blocks from Apple now. Good things come with change. Lets forget the past eh?

  2. Could be worse. I worked for the largest computer retailer in the US, I helped them start 3 stores, and worked for 3 years to get a full vestment in the company. It was supposed to be worth a minimum of $30,000. I got $120. I left the company and was graciously granted my "dead peasant" insurance policy that was supposed to have $10k in equity and was actually worthless, in fact, I spent about $1000 making payments while trying to extract the equity.

  3. You could buy Apple Stock =) I hear if you buy it before the 18th, they'll do a 2 for 1 stock split

  4. Steve,

    Right about the time you were Closing a Chapter in your life (late ‘04), I was doing the same. Accept I hadn’t partnered with people and sold to a corporation, I had partnered with guys who collectively were a corporation but didn’t look like it (when I was signing on the dotted line). My energy was welcome, so long as it fit nicely within their constraints. The more I learned about what I had really signed up for, the more I wanted out.

    Instead of starting the mess, my mess was cleaned up by selling - selling to my partners. Now a few months later, Spam Soap is already whithering, just another email filter company. I miss it terribly, but just couldn't make it work. NS and SS are now each just one more thread in the blanket of industry.

    BTW, I’ve been an Apple fan since before there was an Internet, I'm quite jealous. Whatever you do, see about meeting the other Steve in person - at least once. I’m going to see about starting another company, starting over. There are still plenty of mailboxes in the sea.

    dan (a)

  5. fuck AOL. wait, im still stuck here...

  6. Consider yourself lucky to get that much. AOL stock seems to be given out, and used in the company like toilet paper.