Saturday, February 19, 2005

The Quicker, Thicker, Copyright Workarounder, WINAMP!

It appears that some clever fellow figured out a way to use Winamp (in concert with the Output Stacker plug-in) to output protected Windows Media content as WAVs.

With all the millions of dollars Microsoft spends on making Windows Media secure, it's all just garbage.

It's nice to see that AOL's reaction to these types of situations haven't changed. Here it is for you all laid out:
  • Step 1: Remove the plug-in from the site. Fuck those users who want to use it for legitimate purposes, they can get it elsewhere.
  • Step 2: Get AOL Music PR on the horn and do damage control.
  • Step 3: Dispatch an assclown to spend his entire day sifting through undocumented source code to try and patch the output plug-ins.
I thought it was interesting how AOL claims they worked to address the exploit. How did AOL turn off Winamp's ability to play Windows Media out in the wild? My guess is Microsoft did all the addressing and AOL has to clean-up the mess.

I wonder how long it will be before someone figures out another workaround?



  1. ...and i cant believe this "hack" is making the news now. its been around since the dawn of time!!! sheesh.

  2. frisky, are you who i think you are?


  3. steev, i can be whoever you want me to be!
    (yes, its me, faisal!)