Tuesday, April 5, 2005

Happy Birthday coming to a day near me

Yes, it's almost that time. I am almost a quarter-century old. Amazing I made it this far. So much has happened, especially in the last 6 years, I wonder what the next 25 has in hold for me.

Right now, I'm optimistic. Life is a roller coaster, full of unexpected ups and downs, but you deal with it while trying to have fun. I have to say, things could easily be worse, but they're not. I'm grateful for all that I've been given and hope that I get to help others out along the way.

By the way, I recommend you check out the new Beck album, it's super great. You can get to it from the links to the right.



  1. Happy Birthday Steve!

    "You think you are better than me?"

  2. Happy belated birthday, Steev.

    -jcrawford, the other birthday boi. (April 3rd)

  3. New Beck album? I'm disappointed. Sounds like a B-sides album. Lost his edge. Last album was brilliant.

    And he's even more of a Scientolgist now. Ewwwwwww.... weak minds.