Friday, April 15, 2005

Republican Right have no shame.

This is unbelievable.

Senator Bill Frist (R-TX) will be appearing on a special telecast, on Sunday-April 24th, called Juctice Sunday. The telecast is targeted squarely at Democrats who will be portrayed as "against people of faith" for blocking Bush administration judicial nominations.

My mind is reeling from reading this article. The Republican Right are attempting to build support for removing the filibuster by appealing exclusively to the Christian conservative base. How far will they go to get their way? I'm not certain but every day that goes by, I feel as though this country is getting deeper and deeper trouble.

The Republican Right is attempting to bulldoze their initiatives "without the rest of us"... These Republicans are attempting to crank up the contrast, using highly divisive language to split this country into those who are with or against them.

I sit here on the sidelines of this divide and watch, completely appalled. I'm not a particularly religious person, religion has never played a big role in my life. I watch the actions of the Republican Right and I feel nauseous. They're alienating voters by pushing themselves (and their Party) further and further to the Right. The question is, when will they finally hit the wall? When will people finally say "hey! you've gone too far?!"

I don't understand how people can seem to stomach this. The detour this country sickens me. It feels like a poison coursing through my veins. The world is extremely complicated and colorful, unfortunately the Republican Right only wants you to see it in black or white. They want to keep the choice simple for the masses, either you're with us or against us.

I'm not certain where we'll all end up. I remain hopeful that logic will overcome blind faith, but nothing's for certain at this point. I just sit and watch, appalled and nauseous.


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