Monday, April 11, 2005

Wow. That was a birthday....

I had a pretty rockin' birthday, to say the least. I've got the sunburn to prove it, if you don't believe me. I had people from all over come to visit me, maybe just Stockton ;)

It was a great turn out for sandwiches, beer, "brownies", and some fun in the sun. We formed teams at one point to try and play volleyball, try being the key word. We looked like a bunch of chumps out there, that is until a bunch of hot, model looking, teenagers showed up. We crushed them with our cohesive volleyball skills. It was sheer destruction.

After some teenage ego crushing, we all headed back to my neighborhood for some delicious tasty sushi at a place called Jimisan. So good. Jimisan is amazingly delicious. I barely made it through dinner. We started it off with my attempts at picking the sake for the table by sampling three different glasses of sake. After deciding, I was served up several more glasses. Before the night was through, I had lost count. I promptly got home and passed out for the rest of the night.

I awoke a few hours later from Sharon smearing aloe-Vera all over my face to soothe my sunburns. It's kinda scary waking up to something like that, to be honest. I wouldn't recommend that.

Enough with the rambling.



  1. I'm glad we were able to make it out... (from Stockton). We're nice and sunburnt too. But only on our faces. =)