Sunday, May 22, 2005

Open Letter to Diane and Barbara Regarding the "Nuclear Option"

Dear Senators Diane Feinstein and Barbara Boxer,

As a citizen of these United States and a resident of the great state of California, I am writing to you with the hopes I can make a difference.

I am not alone in saying that we, the people, are disgusted by the large-scale manipulation, abuse of power, and the betrayal of the American trust taking place today. Our elected officials are not in office to push their own private agenda or cater to specific constituencies; they are there to do the will of the people.

Everyday, on my drive to work, I listen to the radio in disbelief. Concluding the Clinton administration as a young adult, I was excited and hopeful for what the future held for our great country. These past 5 years have shown that optimism to be extremely foolish and naive.

I voted for you, not because of our shared Democratic ideals, but because I believed you are the best candidate to fight the battles I care about. I need you, as my elected Senator, to fight without fear of losing the battle over public opinion or your office in the Senate.

I understand and appreciate the difficulty our Democratic party is facing today. If there’s anything I can ask of you, it is but one thing. Call on your constituents, call on your friends, call on every favor that is indebted to you. Do not let this administration and this Republican majority win this battle. Make this stand and do everything in your power to win it.

Our Judiciary is one of the few remaining bastions of progressive ideals in this declining democracy. If these few, far-right neo-conservatives get their way, you and I both understand they will cement their conservative vision for our nation. I refuse to be silenced or oppressed by a minority.

The rise of the conservative-right is a bloodless revolution that is taking place on your watch. We, your supporters, will hold you accountable, not for casting your vote one way or another, but for not rallying your support around you to strengthen your message.

I am disappointed that it has taken organizations such as MoveOn to teach you how to mobilize and rally your own supporters. We care about our government, about our future, as much as you claim to, how come you do not call upon us to show it.

It is your job to be our voice in the congressional halls. It is your job to demand protests, civil disobedience, petitions, and anything else that helps you make a point! Rallying your support doesn’t stop on November 2nd. We are always here, watching your every move, waiting patiently for your signal to organize and communicate our message.

These are dangerous times we live in, not because of terrorism, war, or a weak economy. These are dangerous times because we are losing this great nation to those who seek it more than you. Those who are not afraid to wear their agenda on their sleeve and do whatever it takes, no matter how unethical, to get their way.

The Democratic party needs to get it’s act together, fast. Stop letting these self-motivated, power-hungry conservatives mangle our vision for a better America. Stop trying to posture yourself every waking moment because you’re allowing their divisive, politically motivated issues to punch holes through everything you stand for.

Just stop! STOP! STOP! The Senate must stop the "nuclear option" to eliminate the filibuster, and preserve the checks and balances that have kept our courts fair and independent for centuries.


Steve Gedikian
San Francisco, CA


This open letter regarding judicial appointments and the "nuclear option" was inspired by this petition available on the MoveOn website.

I urge every U.S. citizen who cares about our democracy to complete the petition.


  1. Nicely written, Steve. Now we know why the Iraq war just HAD to happen: just to distract us from this shit. It's called a "fork" in chess.

    Try to keep in mind this is THEIR version of the .com days... hopefully their pyramid power will fall to shit as well.

  2. Steve, put down the Cool-aid, put down the bong, get your head out of your ass, and wake the fuck up! You are a major douchebag if you think Boxer/Feinstein give a fuck about what's good for this country. Politicians are ALL fucked up. It's not a Dem./Rep. thing, it's a political nightmare across the board. If you look-up-to or even respect Boxer/Feinstein, you are just another puppet in the political world.