Thursday, June 30, 2005

I will survive.

This week has been so intense. I can't even begin to describe the details.

Between all the work involved with launching iTunes 4.9 and the drama of my personal life, it was just madness.

I am very much looking forward to this welcomed four day weekend. I definitely need it.

I'll be flying to Los Angeles tomorrow night, leaving my car in Cupertino and catching a cab... or so I hope :)

I think having some fun in beautifully sunny southern Culyfawnya will do me good. Perhaps I'll go out to some bars this weekend and meet some new people. That could be good for the soul.

One... more.... day... Must... survive...




  1. Wondering if you had any insight into why Apple (you!) chose to create your own custom extensions to RSS to provide podcasting in this new iTunes release? There are already several media extensions to RSS, and adding yet another propriatory format, using a trademark as the namespace seems a bit of a strange thing to do.

    Especialy in the light of the way the great satan has embraced the "correct" way of dealing with RSS extensions with their new list extension. Where they asked for feedback and acted on it.

    Dare, winer and others)

    I think these are very important issues, as it means that other aggregators and podcatching applications are going to have to do yet more work to deal with a propriatory lock in. Plus publishers are going to have to update their podcasting applications to push yet more propriatory tags.

    Bit of a pain.

    Not sure exactly what your iTunes involvement is, but I recommend keeping an eye on the scobelizer and dave winer RSS feeds to get an idea of the import of getting yer RSS right...

  2. i'm eating a pbj sandwich