Monday, June 6, 2005

Pitbull Ban! I call Bullshit!

Over the weekend, there was a tragic story of two pit bulls mauling a 12 year old boy in San Francisco a few blocks from where I live. The attack, following another tragic attack nearly 2 years ago, has reopened old wounds from the San Francisco residents.

As the owner of a dog that is part pit bull, it really hurts me to see the knee-jerk reaction you get from people when something like this happens. The media coverage on these situations is always focuses on how "friendly" the vicious pit bulls seemed and how they turned without warning.

Being a dog owner 3 times over, I can tell you that it matters not what breed, size, shape, or color. Dogs can be aggressive or friendly, it all depends on their upbringing and how responsible their owners are, just like children.

The mayor of San Francisco has already begun calling for a ban on the breed within city limits. Pit bulls are a victim of discrimination and prejudice.

When some irresponsible kid, raised though poor parenting shoots up his school, people don't say we should put the kid to sleep and ban all children of their ethnicity, color, or heritage from their city. No, that'd be ridiculous, but hey, it's completely acceptable if it's a dog.

People who are not dog owners cannot understand or relate. Dogs are like children. They grow up, make mistakes, and mature. It is the owners responsibility, as a parent, to raise their dog to be well behaved, obedient, and nurturing to other people or dogs.

The thought of having to take Sophie to the park or the beach and face ignorant and hurtful remarks by people who are completely out of their element is sickening.

As Bonnie pointed out in her blog, a balanced story doesn't sell news papers, it's the gruesome saddening stories that fly off the shelves. I hate what the press has come to represent. I can't think about this any more.



  1. Ingrid Newkirk
    Wednesday, June 8, 2005

    Most people have no idea that at many animal shelters across the country, any pit bull that comes through the front door doesn't go out the back door alive. From California to New York, many shelters have enacted policies requiring the automatic destruction of the huge and ever-growing number of "pits" they encounter. This news shocks and outrages the compassionate dog-lover.

    The pit bull's ancestor, the Staffordshire terrier, is a human concoction, bred in England, as a weapon. These dogs were designed specifically to fight other animals and kill them, for sport. Hence the barrel chest, the thick hammer-like head, the strong jaws, the perseverance and the stamina. Pits can take down a bull weighing in at over a thousand pounds, so a human being a tenth of that weight can easily be seriously hurt or killed.

    People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, supports the shelters' pit-bull policy, albeit with reluctance. They also encourage a ban on breeding pit bulls.

  2. Today, the headlines of the Press Democrat read, "Loose Pit Bull Mauls Santa Rosa Girl, 8". If you are not a parent, you can't grasp the fear that I feel as the mother of 3 year old who just moved from a neighborhood very near this attack. Another case of an owner who hadn't yet "gotten around to" neutering. I think it's time to take action and demand that either pit bulls must be spade/neutered before adoption, or ban them completely. Denver and Ontario have done so, it is not unprecedented.

    To compare a pit bull to a child is ridiculous. Of course it is completely acceptable to consider mandatory spade/neuter programs or even a ban in such extreme, life-threatening situations. I would not categorize the mauling of a child as simply a "mistake" by a dog who had not yet "matured". This statement is utterly ignorant and naive.

    Yes, it is the owner's responsibility to properly train their dog. But obviously, when it comes to certain breeds, negligence is deadly - and even good training may not be enough.


    Take a look at this very recent news article. The victim is a "pitbull", which the media fails to mention. Read the article and then question yourself how this can possibly occur to a "killer" dog? The behavior of individual dogs that maul is not representative of the breed. Rather, it is a reflection of the owners' care. And on that note, I would agree that most pitbull owners tend to be young, inexperienced dog owners and fail to responsibly and properly train and socialize their dogs during the important puppy/developmental stage. Furthermore, a lot of pitbull owners tend to physically abuse their pitbulls, which usually have negative impacts on the pitbull's personality and behavior. Imagine, if you beat your kids, they too will have a tendency to be violent when they reach their maturity stage. So I think the problem is not with pitbulls, but with "UNTRAINED/MISTREATED/NEGLECTED DOGS" in general. Dog owners, and more specifically pitbull owners (given the dog's bad reputation), will simply have to be canine-educated. Pitbulls, like all other breeds, WILL respond positively to good, rigorous training.

    I also think the media is unfairly singling out the pitbull to feed the general public and to fuel the pitbull's bad reputation, which is pretty sad, considering that pitbulls only make up a small percentage of dog attacks. They will add hype to the pitbull's bad reputation when possible while omitting information that would lead you to think otherwise. Most people in general will not take the time to read up and look into the pitbull's personality and thus, their only exposure to them is through the media. So in essence, it is the media that dictates the attitudes that they will harbor towards pitbulls. Very sad indeed.

    Everytime time I see a pitbull, I feel sorry for them because chances are, they were or are imprisoned by owners who mistreated and/or neglected them. And it hurts me to think about their ongoing bad reputation everytime I am in the presence of a friendly pitbull. They are very loving and loyal creatures, and it is very wrong for them be subjected to the discrimination and prejudice directed towards them based on the actions of the few within the breed and those of their owners.

    I hope everyone will take their time to find out about pitbulls (pitbull is just a very loose, collective term referring to MANY breeds, but often relates to the American Staffordshire Terrier and the American Pit Bull Terrier) before they come to an informed/educated opinion of "pitbulls." Legislation is moving towards banning "pitbulls" and it would be very immoral for us to decide their fate without us having honestly been informed/educated about them. Also, the move to ban them is too drastic. Perhaps imposing conditions or something would be more reasonable.

  4. I dont think that people learn enough about pitbulls.They hear the word pitbull and automatically asumw it is a vicous breed.My dog is part pitbull and she is the best dog i have ever had,she is good with my 4 children and would never harm them.I think people who dont research pitbulls before they open their mouths are just plain ignorant.

  5. Pit Bull owner = extremely small penis and/or erectile dysfunction. Bet you've got a big SUV, too.

  6. Hello, My name is Kayla and i am 15 years old. I am absolutely apauled at the pitbull baning. I myself have 4 pitbulls all-together, (moms and dads houses) and all of my dogs are the most loving and cuddly dogs you will ever meet. My one dog Nala (lab/pit) is the smartest and funniest dog ever. I think personally that saying that pitbulls are all mean and banning them is a load of shit. I think it is the same as saying that a different race of person is more dangerous than the other. I think that people need to give dogs a chance. I also think that the people who stand behind the banning of pitbulls are complete assholes and should rot in hell for eternity. They are obviously not a normal human beings and do not have hearts and deserve to die. Thats how strongly I feel about this issue. I will always have pitbulls and my future children WILL have pitbulls while growing up the way I did. I dont care what it takes, I will make sure that pitbulls stay around as long as possible!Also there are always children coming in and out of my house. I have a 2 yer old brother and a 11 yearold brother at my moms and a 7 year old 10 year old and a 4 year old at my dads, both houses have alot of action obviously and in each house there is 2 pits, so there, most pitbulls are truely Great animals to have and no-one will change my mind. Yours truely, Kayla

  7. Here are my 2 cents on Pitbulls.

    I agree that the upbringing of the animal counts for a lot. I have trained my Rottweilers and shown them to socialize around diverse conditions. They've learned to be still and calm around screaming children even squealing adults that find them gorgeous and adorable. BUT, it is very true that the breeding and build of Pitbulls and their jaws having locking abilities, make them even more dangerous than other breeds.

    I really hate revisiting this awful memory but in 1998 I saw one of the most terrifying things a person could witness. I was sitting on a park bench several feet away from a mother breast feeding her child to my right. When several minutes later I hear shouting on my left side. When I turn over I see a Pitbull charging at me [so I thought]. With only seconds to react I shielded my face and tucked my legs inward. The pitbull passed me and sunk his teeth into the head of this newborn, carrying it off like a doll. All of this happened so fast that I froze. The owner finally caught up to the animal and beat it repeatedly with a stick. The screaming mother ran to her lifeless baby and hunched over on the ground in wailing agony. After this particular occurrence I have grown cold towards pitbulls.

    No doubt I have encountered beautiful and very sweet pitbulls before. The problem is that they instinctively 'snap' [lose it] because of their innate tendencies. It's always the case that owners of attacking Pits cannot explain the mauling. But for me it's simple. It's in their wild blood.

    Unlike others that base their bias on Media coverage, I have only memories of the newborn and other pitbull attacks I also witnessed to my personal prejudice.

    Pitbulls should be banned everywhere.

  8. Here is the compromise. If local gov't feel that it is necessary to put a ban on Pit Bulls (or any other breed), then the owner of the affected breed should be allowed to justify it's particular pet. This can be done by certification from American Temperament Test Society. They perform tests on animals in all differenct kinds of scenarios and give a pass/fail rating for potential dogs that would be up for adoption. Pit Bulls actually pass this test at a high rate of 83%.

    I'm in favor of having "good" dogs out there, but it can't be done with a blanket ban on particular breeds. Collies/Shepards are the most agressive, but fortunately they often inflict less pain when they bite/attack.

    I have a pit-bull mix breed and feel confident my dog is one of the best dogs around as far as temperment to strangers, children, and other dogs. My dog does not deserve to be stereotyped and punished.

  9. I'll share another story of something else that I witnessed that forces me to walk with a concealed weapon.

    A few years back I was standing right outside of my apartment building waiting for a friend to pick me up. There was a teenager walking what seemed like a very tamed, obedient but HUGE Pitbull. The owner also appeared to have a loose grip on the animal's leash. A small dog [a Yorkshire] was excreting on the street between 2 parked cars. The little dog's owner bent over to clean up after it. She nor the little dog noticed the Pitbull. And without notice, the pitbull escaped his owner's grip who was semi-dragged before completlely letting go. The Yorky was almost ripped in half when the Pitbulll would not let go even with rocks thrown at it's head. Needless to say, the small dog was killed instantly.

    I've shared only 2 stories with you all. Why is it that PITBULLS are the only animals I've witnessed to do this destruction? In another similar case a 'kid' was walking a bulky pit when 'it' escapes the kid to rip a cat to pieces.

    I'm sooo traumatized with pitbull mauling that I walk with a sharp weapon to defend both me and my dog. There are people that even walk with guns for the same protection.

    Isn't life hard enough already w/out having to worry about a destructive animal with intents to kill charging at you, your animal or even your family? How would you react if your little kid was lifted off the ground in the jaws of a Pitbull? What would you do? Woud you just say then, ''s not the dog's fault'?..or would you want to take someone elses life for your kid's?

    Noone can relate to these feelnigs unless THEY have gone through it for themselves. I don't see this on TV. I've witnessed it with my own eyes, in person, more than 10 times. This has to stop. I'm ALLL for Pitbulls being banned.

    And to those on this thread that own Pitbulls, I would just like to apologize if your Pit doesn't fit this profile. BUT, it IS the PITBULL breed that we have the most problems with in terms of fatal attacks. Forget about Collies, or German shephards. NO OTHER dog has been attributed to more deadly attacks than pitbulls. Atleast not in New York. When have you ever heard of 2 or 3 Collies ganging up on someone to maul them? HAHAHA..NEVER! I've even seen that with Pitbulls.

    'Enough said'.

  10. The reason why you hear of mostly PIT BULL maulings in the media is because a lot of times the person that was attacked would label the dog incorrectly. Some boxers have attacked but of course if one doesn't really know what a pitbull is, will label the boxer a pit. Same goes for several other breeds that resemble a pitbull/amstaff. So, in reality some of these attacks were indeed done by a dog of an entirely different breed but people will get caught up in the hype and immediately call out "Pit bull! Pitbull". It's more newsworthy than to say, "It's a Presa Canario! Presa Canario!"

  11. i am a father of two little is ten years and the other is 3 years. i have an american staffy or pitbull that is five years old. in my personal opinion, i would have never bought my four legged buddy if i knew that i could not raise him to be fun loving pup. not once has he ever tried to bite my kids or others for that matter. i got him while in the army and my wife and i baby'd him like if he were our natural born child. my oldest daughter pulled his ears, tugged on his tail and rode him and not once did he ever mis behave. when my 3 year old was born, he slept next to her crib and let noone but mysel, my wife and daughter get close to my young one. when i would leave for training, he was the man of the house. he would lay in front of all three doors to our rooms and if he ever heard the a knock on the door, he would be the first to make his presence known. when my wife would go to store with the kids, she would take our dog with for protection. we raised our dog to be loving, kind, friendly, soft yet protective of our family. he raised to play with other dogs and if got out of hand, i would correct him to show that he should not be acting like that but at the same time praise him when he play nice. did anyone know that the most decorated dog in army history was a pitbull by the name of Stubby. he was a stray that was found by some soldiers and taken to war. he alerted a seargent of the enemy and ultimatily saved their lives. he didn't attack, he helped and took care of his found family. it is a shame that people believe that pitbulls are born like that. truth is, there are owners that don't give a flip about pitbulls. they either train them to fight other dogs or they don't correct them when they do something they are not suppose to. people need not blame pitbulls for biting or killing people, the law needs to go after the owner who either trained it or allowed it. they are the guilty ones. a gun can not shoot itself. it takes someone or something to pull that trigger. responsible owners raise responsible pits. my brother in law is a cop and and while my dog stayed at his home he prevented burglars from breaking in and robbing his home. little story. i had a neighbor while in the army who has some kids. one day i noticed my dog barking more than normal so i went to check it out. when i looked out the back door i saw the little boy from two houses down in my next door neighbors empty house kicking at my fence and teasing my dog. my dog did not jump at the little boy or the fence. instead my dog kept his distance and kept barking. the little boy kept on and on. so i got my video camera and started filming the action. if my dog really wanted to jump the fence he could have w/o breaking his stride but did not. i recorded for a few minutes and finally went out side and told the little boy to stop picking at my dog. the boy ran off and i followed him to his house with my dog. knocked on the door and spoke to his mom. i showed her the video and introduced my pit to her and the little boy to show them that he is nice but protective of his home and family. the next day the boy came by the fence with his friends and instead of picking at him, he petted my pit with friendlyness. knowledge is key. weather it is be a lawyer or just learning more about pitbulls. knowledge is key

  12. I think the whole idea of condemning an entire breed or all bully breeds which i have heard of, is ridiculous. I know a lot of people value human life above all, but who the hell are we to just start a massacre on all dogs because a couple people have lost their lives? I know that sounds bad, but think about it. When someone goes swimming in the ocean they know the dangers that lie out there. they get attacked by a shark, what happens? In steps the human rights activists and order the massacre of all tiger sharks within a huge radius of a beach. I know everyone loves everyone right? Well, maybe people should spend less time being high, and mighty, and a little more time being friendly to one another. Having more kindness in your environment would do a lot more good than killing my dogs. Just think about it before you start calling me inhumane.

  13. Generiz is showing there ignorance in more than their attitude. Pit Bulls do N O T have locking jaws. They do have powerful jaws, but the do N O T lock. Please learn the facts before coming to your obviously uneducated opinions

  14. Hello to the 3rd 'Anonymous' after my last post..[what a moron].

    'Loveallpits', how could you say something so stupid as ...'who the hell are we to just start a massacre on all dogs because a couple people have lost their lives?..' Are you a 12 yr old who just got their Pitbull puppy? Come on.

    All of you that have loving pitbulls I congratulate you. BUT the reality is that here in NY it's the animal that does the most destruction. JUST YESTERDAY , ANOTHER incident. Cops had to shoot a pitbull that went out of control in the Park for NO reason. Owners said that alot of the noise in the park-kids playing, musicians playing their congas, Mr. Softee Ice cream truck-must of agitated the animal. It 'locked' [Anony #3] on a kids leg. DID NOT WANT TO LET GO! 'Strong Jaws','Locking', WHATEVER! It destroys what it sinks it Jaw into.

    Problem here is, most of you do not live in areas where this is happening. So, the idea of banning such a loveable creature such as the ones 'you' own is unthinkable. I pray this doesn't happen to any of you, but if the day comes that you encounter a pitbull attack from your 'pooch' or someone elses Pit, you're surely going to be singing a different tune. This I'm Sure! I'll repeat myself, I do NOT see these things in the Media. They happen infront of us all.

  15. I agree - locking jaw / strong jaw. It's just that by not knowing what your talking about you demonstrating your ignorance and therefore whatever you say is not creditable. For or against pit bulls - I don't care - I have a budgie & a stray rabbit I rescued from a cat that was trying to eat it. It's just that uneducated comments like yours in ANY discussion - about pigs, birds, cars - whatever, infuriates me. Please leave this section of comments alone until you learn what your talking about Vs just spouting off. How many kids have you seen been beaten by parents ( oh - they call it spanking) and others. I don't see your comments in any of those discussion areas. Learn something about the topic first - then speak with authority.

  16. It's hard not to take a stand on media hyped issues such as the recent pit bull maulings. A child being killed is a tragic, horrible event. I'd like to say it's the owners' faults, but experience tells me otherwise.

    Eleven years ago, when my second son was a newborn, I was in my front yard holding him and watching his older brother play. Our family dog, a black lab, was tethered and was just laying there in his alert and attentive mode watching me, the baby and "his boy".

    A man jogging with his dog passed by. The dog saw my dog and a barking match ensued. Typical dog stuff. Unfortunately, the dog, a pit bull, got away from its owner and came rushing for what seemed to be me and my infant. My dog intercepted him. I was helpless to intervene as I had a small infant in my arms and I was terrified for our safety. The tether prevented a full engagement and the owner was able to drag his pit bull away by its hind legs before it had gotten a good hold. The owner looked just as horrified as I was and had no time to apologize, but I could tell he was at a loss as to figure out how his pit had slipped his collar and why it decided to attack.

    I'm just very grateful I had my sweet, lab there to defend us and the owner of the pit was able to separate the two.

  17. well my friend has 3 pitbulls and one of them is a blue brindle and he got kicked out of brantford for having them and i thought that was bullshit because of the fact he had to leave his home and his job to go live some where else cuz of the ban and sometimes i think its crewl to have a muzzle on a dog because its like ur not letting them breath it wouldnt be fair if u had ur childrens mouths shut everytime they went for a walk ...and i havent had a pitbull or nothing but ive been around his dogs but they are harmless and well it depends on the owner too how they treat their dogs why dont they just like ban rottweilers cuz there's been few more accidents wit them like when the dog jumped over the fence and tore the kid apart but banning pitbulls are bullshit they used them to fight way back and now there used to have and own and for a friend cause what they always say a dogs a mans best friend how would u feel if u had your best friend took awaqy well that hurts us too beacuse your taking our best friends away

  18. well my friend has 3 pitbulls and one of them is a blue brindle and he got kicked out of brantford for having them and i thought that was bullshit because of the fact he had to leave his home and his job to go live some where else cuz of the ban and sometimes i think its crewl to have a muzzle on a dog because its like ur not letting them breath it wouldnt be fair if u had ur childrens mouths shut everytime they went for a walk ...and i havent had a pitbull or nothing but ive been around his dogs but they are harmless and well it depends on the owner too how they treat their dogs why dont they just like ban rottweilers cuz there's been few more accidents wit them like when the dog jumped over the fence and tore the kid apart but banning pitbulls are bullshit they used them to fight way back and now there used to have and own and for a friend cause what they always say a dogs a mans best friend how would u feel if u had your best friend took awaqy well that hurts us too beacuse your taking our best friends away

  19. i do not agree with the 'Pitbulls should be banned statement' It is outrageous to even consider. All u ppl who think they shud b banned - you r wrong.they shudnt.

  20. all dogs no matter what size,breed can be vicious it is stupid to say the ban will stop dog bites other breeds will go up for biting. what are they going to do ban all dogs because ppl dont know how to raise them there are more lab bites than pitbull in ont so why are they not banning labs. as for lock jaw you mabe should do a bit more research befor you say something that you know nothing about!!!!
    im sorry about ppl getting biten the owner should be responciable.
    just after they announced the ban in ontario there was a rotty found in barrie ont by children. they took the dog home put him in their back yard and guess what he bit them. all im saying is all dogs bite so i guess to be safe ban all dogs dont pic on 1 breed

  21. Pitbulls are insane. Had a freind buy one recently and it lunged at me and later did it to a child. I bought a gun and the moment that dog goes for me I will execute it instantly. You see, whether it is a bite or a mauling it ,makes no difference to me. Your dog threatens me and I will dispatch it to doggie heavan without hesitation. What it means to you means nothing to me.

    That said , why did you buy a pit ? Are you trying to look tough with a dog that has a reputation for insanity ? No , it's not the only breed , just the one with the most attacks. If your dog hurts my child or tears one of their body parts off I can promise you this , it wouldn't be your dog that dies. Animals are a gun with a trigger that you don't control. Consider that before you let your pit near anyone.

  22. For over twelve years I owned a Pit bull. She was raised with my two sons. She also went everywhere I did. At NO TIME did I ever have a moment of concideration for how she would react with anyone she came in contact with. The only people who think Pit Bull dogs are something to fear are the IDIOTS who have never known one who was never abused into defending them selves. What would you do if someone was beating you into DEATH.Pitbull dogs are like any other terriers, they are over active. That is because they were bred to chase vermon until they were dead. I wish people would try and look up breeds before the decide.

  23. I am 15 my name is Ruben I have 2 full pitbulls and they have not bit me or my 3 litte sisters. We play with them and treat them like they were family. In the past I been around pitbulls I think that people that are trying to banned pitbulls from states are stupid. They judge them before geting a chance to own one. It is how you raise them and how you act with them. It is the owners who teach them the things that they do so I think that they shouldn't banned pitbulls or any other dogs from a state.

  24. The poeple that banned the pitbulls are not stupid, because maybe THEY got attacked by a pitbull or any other kinds of dogs, and are trying to prevent other poeple being hurt by dogs too. If a person sais that the people that banned the PItbulls are Stupid, think about it, it might have been you, your child, or anyone you really love, includind your dog or cat or any other animas you might have. There is Pitbulls in other countries.

  25. Ruben (see the message over mine) The people that banned the pitbulls are not stupid, because maybe THEY got attacked by a pitbull or any other kinds of dogs, and are trying to prevent other poeple being hurt by dogs too. If a person sais that the people that banned the PItbulls are Stupid, think about it, it might have been you, your child, or anyone you really love, including your dog or cat or any other animas you might have. There is probably Pitbulls in other countries.

  26. Pitbull ban is stupid

  27. don't have a dog unless you can train it and control it

  28. as an owner of a pit bull .. i also feel the ban to be bullshit if. a child gets attached it was not the dog but eyt the child ... any dog will attach something that is pullin on its tail or pulling hair ... but pit bulls have a bad name when they should and the canadian goverment should change that law... or fuck off

  29. I have three pit bulls at home with me now. They each have a special day they go for walks, and are social with all the neighbors dogs and cats. My male has a bed right next to my nine year old son's bed. If they ever showed one agressive sign towards humans I would not hesitate to put it down. Pure bread American pit bull terriers were not and are not breed for protection or to be human agressive. Fools train them to do so. But, if I saw someone pull a gun or anything out on my animal because of its breed, It would not be the dog you would have to worry about!!!!!

  30. I have small children, I see a pit loose I kill the dog no question. I have had dogs all my life and even came across a pit or two; Too risky to trust that a dog is well behaved if it's loose. If you want your dog to live be absolutely certain it will not get loose.

  31. I have small children, I see a pit loose I kill the dog no question. I have had dogs all my life and even came across a pit or two; Too risky to trust that a dog is well behaved if it's loose. If you want your dog to live be absolutely certain it will not get loose.

  32. I have small children, I see a pit loose I kill the dog no question. I have had dogs all my life and even came across a pit or two; Too risky to trust that a dog is well behaved if it's loose. If you want your dog to live be absolutely certain it will not get loose.

  33. I agree with you about the ban. I recently had a female pbt abandoned near my home. She is only a few months old and very cute and friendly.

    I planned on getting her spayed and keeping her until I heard the "facts" about them flipping out and becoming violent. I have three kids after all.

    Well, happy to say, I did my own research and talked to a friend who owns a femal pbt and three cats who co exist nicely. He said much of what you did about the patience, training and most of all loving.

    I look forward to my family enjoying their new pet, Sasha and shooting down the ignorant people who try to feed me any b.s.

  34. Come on people, get the facts!

    Pit bulls rate in the 90's for temperment, while most breeds rate only in the 70's. There are intelligent, loving and highly trainable.

    No dog, just flips out, unless it has a neurological condition. There are always signs of aggressive and improper behavior well before any attacks.

    I was bitten as a child by a doberman, but have no problems with their breed as a whole.

    No breed is inherently more violent than than another.

    If I see a loose dog of any breed, I will be cautious and frightened.

    Pit bull attacks, if they are more prevelant than other breeds, is due to thugs who purchase them to be violent pets. Ban pit bulls, they'll just move on to dobermans, rotts, german shepherds, etc...

    One last fact. Pit bulls are used as rescue dogs.

    Here's a story to reinforce my attitude about bad owners. My boyfriend was bitten by a pit bull that was owned by his little league coach, when he was ten.

    It was horrific, he could see the muscles in his leg!

    His coach was so scared of getting in trouble, as he had been warned after a previous attack, that he had my boyfriend ride his bike to his uncle's house so he could go to the emergency room!

    This is someone who coached children people! Don't tell me a dog is bad because of it's breed, the only bad breeds out there are cruel and irresponsible owners! If he treated a ten year old that way, how do you think he treated his dog?

    Get the facts and read something other than a hyped up newspaper. There are plenty of resources on the internet.

  35. It cannot be said enough, pit bull = owner with small penis.

    If pit bulls are so lovable and friendly and good with children, then why are they revered for their attack abilities? Why aren't people using great danes, st. bernards, and other such breed that are much bigger than pit bulls for dogfights?

    "Studies indicate that pit bull-type dogs were involved in approximately a third of human DBRF (dog bite related fatalities) reported during the 12-year period from 1981 through1992, and Rottweilers were responsible for about half of human DBRF reported during the 4 years from 1993 through 1996....[T]he data indicate that Rottweilers and pit bull-type dogs accounted for 67% of human DBRF in the United States between 1997 and 1998. It is extremely unlikely that they accounted for anywhere near 60% of dogs in the United States during that same period and, thus, there appears to be a breed-specific problem with fatalities." (Sacks JJ, Sinclair L, Gilchrist J, Golab GC, Lockwood R. Breeds of dogs involved in fatal human attacks in the United States between 1979 and 1998. JAVMA 2000;217:836-840.)

    The danger of pit bulls and Rottweilers is well established, in that they account for 75% of all reported canine-inflicted human deaths in the past two decades.

    Ban all dogs, get a cat instead, at least when they bite you can throw them off. However, a seeing eye cat would make a blind person's journey rather haphazard; I don't think blind people want to crawl under cars and such.

  36. Lisa Larochelle-15 yrs -Niagara District Seconday School -NOTLDecember 2, 2005 at 10:04 AM

    when you focus on all of the negative information then yes i can see why so many people are against having this breed of dogs as a pet but if you were to take the time and think about all the positive things and advantages of having any breed of pitbull than it could change your view on things. For example , people say that it is much better to have a small and innocent looking dog as a loving pet but really thats not all that dogs can live up to be.Has anyone ever thought about the safety of their household? Maybe it is a good thing that most people are terrified of pitbulls because i know that if i were about to break into someones home , i would think twice before entering one with a sign saying beware of dog. I feel just as safe at home by my self with my pitbull as i do with my own parents. Because i know the way that i have brought him up properly and lovingly that he will protect me with his life. I can't really say that about a miniature poodle. Also if you were walking your pitbull down the street , do you think anyone will want to approach in a negative way? These dogs can be just as fun and loving to have as any other dog... if not more. I dont care if i have to mussel my dog or fix him or keep him off of the streets with my supervision. Just don't take the very thing i look forward to see and hold everyday when i come home from school.

  37. pit bull-type dogs

    Do you realize what the media portrays as a "pit bull-type" dog? Boxers, bulldogs, shephards and nearly any mix or mutt you can think of that doesn't even have to include a bully in the mix. It is a biased and unfair portrayal of bite statistics and has been proven so time and time again. Look up some real facts. You will find that due to so many types of breed mixes found today, there is no accurate way to record dog bite statistics.

    Secondly, those statistics are wrong because they don't take into account population statistics either. Dogs will have bad and abusive owners and they will bite. That IS a fact. What they don't tell you is that when a golden retriever bites, and they do, there might be only a few hundred of them in the community. So if two out of 300 GR bites someone, that isn't worthy of media coverage. But you lump every mutt in the shelter they don't know what the heritage is into the pit bull "group", along with APBT, AST and SBT and these numbers can reach into the tens of thousands of pit bull-type dogs in a given area. Now 2 out of 100 specific dogs biting is 2%, figure 2% out of 20,000. That's 400 bites a year from what the media and uninformed people loosely call "pit bulls".

    Wake up and do your research. Pit bulls were bred to fight other dogs, yes, but in that breeding they were also instinctually taught NOT to bite humans. How effective would a professional fighting dog be if they loosed on a trainer or handler while fighting another dog?

    That reason alone makes them less prone to bite or attack a human under ideal circumstances (such as the dog not being abused) than just about any other dog out there.

  38. i agree with the writer as a pit owner i agree that they are picked out to be a agressive breed but it all depends on how the owner decides to bring up that peticular dog just like people not all dogs act in the same way i mean i have owned my pit bukk since it was a puppy abd when it is in my yard knowing it nedds to protect yes it will bark and growl at you but in all actuallity its all show cause it is a very friendly dog and is very good wuth people

  39. i agree with the writer as a pit owner i agree that they are picked out to be a agressive breed but it all depends on how the owner decides to bring up that peticular dog just like people not all dogs act in the same way i mean i have owned my pit bukk since it was a puppy abd when it is in my yard knowing it nedds to protect yes it will bark and growl at you but in all actuallity its all show cause it is a very friendly dog and is very good wuth people

  40. To be honest ignorance makes people believe and say all kind of nonsense sometimes. It must be clear that u cannot compare a child with a dog, no matter how loveable and how cute a dog is. A dog is an animal and that in itself already bears a risk. But in this world we all live with risk, risk of having our car being manufactured with the wrong parts and get in accidents that we did not cause. Risk of being shot at the wrong place at the wrong time. I mean any type of risks. And we know about those risks. But that does not prevent us from going out, from living our lives and get it on with it.

    Raising and socializing your dog is a vital part the animal s life. Then training. After that u can feel and sense wether ur dog has a good temper or not. Sometimes u might 100% sure about your dog, sometimes he just goes out of control and u just don t get it. Let say that no socializing, no training and poor ownership will definitely increase the risk of misbehavior. The opposite will highly reduce it. So as long as people are responsible with their pet, they will less likely have to face themselves with explosive situations. Give ur pet all the chances and skills so he can be succesful in his environment.

    Pitbulls are not human agressive per say, but can inherit traits from their family if some have been used as dog fighters. And something true is that pitbulls have such a high dominant attitude that in presence of other dogs they sometimes need to show their superiority. Sometimes not. But u go from the Cane Corso to the Perro de Presa Canario it is evident that males when encountering other males will start a fight if they feel a slight sense of animosity. People should actually at a Presa Canario and tell me it does not look like what they commonly call a PIttBull.

    People really mix up the breeds and thats a danger. Do u know about Tosa Inu, it is a japanese breed that was used to fight and still is. Competitions are organised, dogs win prizes not for their quick kill but for the longevity of the fight. The longer he stands the more points he accumulates, something really different from the pitbull fighting here in North America. Well all that to say that most of them live in families, with children. Are they aggressive towards them? No. Because of socializing and training. People this is the key word.

    Accidents happen and irresponsible ownership too, as u cannot know what goes in an animal s mind 100% of the time like i said before in which case animal would not have their necessary independence. Is consanguinity a problem too? Yes. People will also sometimes hide their disturbed pets behavior by ignoring or just dealing with it. That is wrong. But then it happens and people act all surprise when an accident occurs.

    All u need is love, and a little bit more of common sense.

  41. People kill me, probably anyone who wants to ban the pit bull breed have not owned one. So these people have no idea the love and happiness these dogs bring to their families. Pit bulls are basically there own breed of animal in my eyes. An animal that would do anything for the people it loves. Anytime I read about people talking bad about this beautiful breed I get outraged. I have met mean Pit Bulls im not saying they can't be mean. What dog cant??? I've met plenty of mean german shepards that have bitten people. You don't ever hear anything about people wanting to ban them though. Im just amazed how ignorant people can be. All of you who have never Owned these caring dogs and can sit here saying they are bad because of what you read. Keep reading you will also find plenty of other cases of other breeds biting people. Especially smaller breeds they are biting people all the time but it never gets reported. Maybe we should just ban dogs in general. Own one before you knock them and if you do knock them maybe you just don't like dogs. Good for you keep it to yourself!! I really hate people who get a mind set that they hate pit bulls because they have read about them. Please if you have read this and have this mind set. Do yourself a favor and go get one. I guarentee you will feel a whole lot different about this amazing breed.

  42. I personally vote against PitBull Ban and I think, pictures
    and real stories will tell more, check this site and make your call, could you
    kill those people kids?

  43. I disagree against the "Pitbull" ban. Why worry and pick on a breed of a dog when it is more likely your gonna get shot, raped or murdered. Do you see any child molesters or rapest getting their nuts chopped off? No their out in six months and back on the streets. Any breed of dog can attack! So use your minds and knowledge to stop the violence and disturbing behaviour of humans before you open your mouth and ruin a sweet and kind dog. And yes maybe there should be a list of abusive animal owners. But until you have actually owned a "Pitbull", you have no right to voice your opinion. Do you actually know what a "Pitbull" looks like? Or do you just guess? FUCK THE BAN!!!!!!!!!

  44. i say the only way a pitt is dangerous is from how the owner is raiseing him or her. how its raised tells everything and how it acts tells how it was raised. they shouldnt ban them!! i have 4 and they have done no wrong in three years.

  45. I have a comment for people out there who hate pitbulls. DON'T KNOCK IT TILL YOU TRY IT!!! I have a pitbull that is 1 1/2 years old. I also have two other dogs that are mixed breeds. I have never seen them get into fights or shed blood. I also have two kids that can practically do anything to my dog. I have seen my kids play with his mouth, pull on his tail, and even pull on his ears. My dog considers that playing and has never bit them once. I also take my dog to the park where other dogs walk and fighting is the last thing on his mind. I want these so called people who hate this breed to spend one day with a pitbull and then you tell me that there is no difference between this dog or any other. I have just one more thing to say!! I am buying another pitbull tomarrow!!


    please people get the facts....pitbulls are not killers unless brought up wrong, just like dobermans were in the 70's & 80's...and it is a proven fact (via vet study) they do not have "locking jaws"....please watch the movie linked above

  47. i have two pit-mutts. i have to keep them penned up be cause they will attack any dog that they see. i dont agree with the banning of pits, but i do agree with having them muzzled and on a lease in puplic. i recently had a pure breed pitbull attack my llama. my llama got out and the neighbors dautgher, who was visiting had a pit. when my llama went to the woman her pit attacked my llama and now my llama has bite marks all over him and hair missing. the lady and her mom both got bit. her mom had to go to the hospital. this pit was 1 and the woman had bottle feed it.

  48. Hi my name is mackenzie im 13 i work at a kennnel and a stable out of all 379 pitbulls that entered the kennel only 1 pitbull was mean max is my dog hes a pitbull fawn 2 years old and so is missy pitbull 1 is great

  49. Pitbull became the Fad Breed of the late 90's and 00's. That is why we hear so much of them.
    We ban them and the bad owners move on to the next well known vicious breed. It could be Rotti's or boxers, etc.
    Then what? Are they going to ban those breeds to?
    It is not the solution. Doing this will only cause a bigger problem. Banning is only a band-aid on the bigger problem.
    It needs to be nipped in the butt, and the butt is the bad owners. Not just anyone should own a dog.

    Pitbulls are one of the most misunderstood dogs out there, when in fact they are one of the most loving and loyal dogs you can find.
    Ignorance blinds a person. Closed minds can't think for themselves.

    I rescued a Pitbull mix 3 month ago. She was 8 weeks old and she was going to be killed because of her pitbull heritage. The owner did not want her going into the wrong hands. The other puppies all looked like their mother, an Alaskan Malamute. This pup was not even going to be given a chance. Why would she be vicious but not her liter mates? Just because she looks more like a pitbull? This is how ignorance works.


  51. I agree that dogs actions depend on how an owner trains them, I really do. But Pit Bulls have been raised to kill its in their blood. They may be the perfect dog until suddenly wham! they turn around and harm you.

  52. people in the early days fight pitbulls, so it is just what pitts like doing.i have 3 pitbulls 2 males an 1 female,the males dont fight each other but when i walk them out and they spot another dog they just wanna fight,eg i was on the seawall and i had molly with me she saw a dog wannf fight so i let her and within 5 min the dog head was completely chewed off and she was covered in blood with not a pitbulls are just made with fighting skills in their blood

  53. i think that generiz is makein up abunch of stories
    way to go
    and you are calling everyone morons i havent heard that since is was like in 6th grade
    real mature
    goooo pitbulls

  54. People that hate pitbulls a stupid and know nothing about animal behavior at all!!! My son at 2 was attacked by a LAB! I breed APBT & Boxer,s and I have full trust with my dog,s because they are raised & trained with my family and our cows/cats& chickens on our farm. So you stupid people shut your F ing mouths!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. One more thing. Because my son was attacted by a lab should all labs be banned?

  56. if they wh take my dogs ill givem my bullets firstant to

  57. There is much misinformation here, so here it goes:

    1) Pitbulls DO NOT have locking jaws. However, they do exhibit an innate behavior known as "bite and hold." They also demonstrate a trait known as "gameness," which is defined as the ability to continue doing an action once begun (hey everyone, guess what this refers too).

    2) Do us all a favor and stop talking about how loving your dog is. Puh-lease. We're talking about the BREED, not your damn dog.

    3) Pitbulls were responsible for more deaths in the USA than ANY OTHER BREED between 1979 and 1998 (so says the CDC) linky:

    1 and 3 are FACTS, not Internet conjecture. Do yourself a favor, those of you in denial about the breed. Type "pit bull maulings" in Google and see what you get. It ain't pretty.

  58. i think most peoples negative comments on pitbulls are ignorant, even if they said they had "one bad experience" thats like me saying well i had a bad experience with an african american who attacked and killed my family member so now i hate them all...and they should all die, its just wrong it is completely PREJUDICE and it is IGNORANT as hell. there are people saying well i have a kid so you have to see where im coming from, yeha well i have had pitbulls all of my life and you obviously dont want to see where any pitbull owners are coming from. I think there should be some law where anyone who purchases a pitbull should be monitored or shouldnt be sold to certain people if that is at all possible, b/c most people do get them for the wrong reasons, to bring them up to fight, if you dont bring them up to fight then they wont, i had a pitbull/mastiff mix that was the best dog i have ever had in my life, when i lived down in florida we had 24 different dogs and none of them were as amazing as this dog, i have a full blood pitbull named lucy and she loves everyone and they will walk up and pet her and as soon as they ask what breed she is they back away and start over reacting. its completely rediculious. you should watch out for any dog it doesnt matter what breed. my father always brought me on how to approach dogs and never to trust any of them right away. just because one breed is put out in the spotlight for attacks and others arent doesnt mean you should be looking at one breed and not all the others. i had a neightbor who had a springer spaniel who attacked me when i was 9...that was one experience i wouldnt hold it against the breed i would hold it against the owner for making it the way it was. i also think its bullshit that someone could actually say "its in their blood" are you fucking serious??? thats like comparing a family who had fighters in it and saying anyone who spawned from him is gonna bea fighter too b/c its in their blood, get a fucking clue people and do your research please b/c reading this just makes me sick. do you people actually think that when they write in newspapers that they want to put in a headline about a black lab killing someone...NO they wouldnt do that b/c no one would read it b/c they dont picture a vicious dog. the media implanted this image in your head that pitbulls are vicious killers. so of course you would pick it up and read it. and most of the time there are false reports anyway, alot of people dont know anything about dogs, so when they see a breed they just might assume its a pitbull. i think you guys should open your eyes and really read up on it, and if your so set in your ways that you cant, then i feel sorry for you thats ignorance on your part

  59. To Genriz,

    I would like a date or place this hapened so I can check this information on a Pitbull attacking a nursing baby.

    I have a beautiful pit and he has been socialized since he was 4 weeks old. I also have a 2 yr old coon hound that would bite you before my pit would. So is my tri-color tree walker going to be banned, I think not to many hunters pay lots of money to the government for that to happen.

    I bet if hunters found out that a pit could track a deer for 3000 yards even in water, there wouldn't be any problem.

    As for it being in their wild blood. Do you know exactly what your talking about. Pits are not dingo's or wolves the have been bred by men not in the wild.

    And by the way pitbulls do not LOCK their jaws. They do however have tremendous jaw pressure which the use to hang on.

    Just to let you know I am a verteran of OIF/OEF and I fought for your rights to say ignort things before studying the facts, but just to let you know I'll never give up my pit, I will breed my pit and make lots of pups, because I have that right.


    SGT. Jesse Woolard
    101st Airborne (AirAssault)



  62. I hear so many stories of how children are being attacked by pitbulls. What about german shepards or golden retrievers, they are just as bad, so why not ban them? Why just pitbulls? I hate the idea of pitbulls being banned because that is my favorite breed. And a question you have to ask yourself, where are the parents at when these children are attacked by pitbulls. Obviously not watching them or they wouldn't have been attacked. People would rather their children be kidnapped or murdered so they can file a lawsuit and make millions rather than watch their children. Parents, do yourselves a favor and keep an eye on your children, do not let them out of your sight, not even for a second. Parents like that sicken me and they don't deserve to be parents. If your kid gets attacked by a pitbull, or any other dog at that, don't blame the dog, blame your damn self because you were not watching them. You have nobody else but yourself to blame.

  63. No matter what you google.. if the word Maul is used, it isn't pretty.
    (-.-) I wondering how many humans are killed by humans, in comparison to humans killed by dogs. Um.... Oh well. If you don't support the ban, I wouldn't worry to much. The general public will grow tired of the Pitbull ban hype, and move onto some other ridiculous letterhead. Then again, it's easy for me to say that, I don't own a pitbull.

  64. I am about to loose my beloved pet due to a change in our local by-laws.. I went to city hall last week to re-register my lab/pitbull mix and they informed me the price would be $1000 compared to $56 in previous years...I find it hard to believe since in my small mountain town in canada most peaple dont even register their dogs at all... It seems they dont even allow good, responsible dog owners anymore...My hands feel tied...

  65. This is a really old post, i Know, and i know im probably slow on this..
    but i had pitbulls and they DO lock their jaws.
    nicest dogs alive

  66. How about this... everytime a dog shows signs of aggression... in any form we put it to sleep. Regardless of size or breed we just put it down. This goes for biting, snapping, growling/excessive barking, leash pulling and marking. If your pit can't heel.. KILL IT. If your yorkie growls... KILL IT. If your Lab pees in the house... KILL IT!!!

    That way, we can destroy all the dogs that are dangerous and we wouldn't have to worry about dogs attacking ever again... Be serious people.

    I live in DC and recently visited a sheltered pit that was scheduled for execution... not because he was aggressive... not because he was injured or sick, not because he was old (he was a 3 month old puppy)... They were killing because he was a pit bull. This dog literally ate out of my hand and handled some very intentionally rough play with a smile and a wag of his tail... Long story short... I own a shiba inu that has bitten me way more times than that dog ever would've.

    Dogs are pack animals and pack order brings out aggression, dissonant behavior and a domineering attitude in any animal.
    If we were to kill all dogs that at one time snapped, or bit or mauled, or scratched, or pushed... we'd kill ALL dogs.

  67. My daughter was turning 4 in just 2 months, a friend brought his Sheltie, over with him. He is a great dog, he loves kids. Not a problem, we welcomed him right on in. Our annual 4th of July cook out.
    I know what your thinking, what is the point? Right? As my daughter sat quietly watching t.v. this dog attacked her, I grabbed her body up and ran to the kitchen,to wash the blood from her face,I couldn't stop the bleeding and her lips were no more, the beautiful kissable lips they were just moments before. At that moment I wanted that dog dead, but as I sat at the hospital that night, my baby crying, and holding a long q-tip inside of her facial tissue, to numb it in prepration, for the stitches that she received, (I lost count at 32). I realized, the dog is an Animal, in a strange enviroment, and no-matter what, because my friend only had this dog for a short time, you can't always control everything. Am I grateful this wasn't an APBT or SBT. The injury could have been more severe, or would it have been? We will never know.
    What I do know, is my daughter, years later, asked me to babysit her new puppy, she was very sick, and couldn't be left alone. She had parvo, and looked to be dieing, I agreed. I was alone with this poor creature, She was a APBT, and I had her on some blankets by the couch, I was cleaning up around the house, and I didn't have to worry about her moving around a whole lot, she could barely hold her head up. I came to on the floor, with this poor little puppy licking my wounds, I suffer from epilepsy, and I had a grand-mal seizure.
    I didn't like pits, I was affraid of them like most of the public, thanks to unfair media coverage.My parents bred a variety of dogs, so you would think, I wouls escape the prejudice, but the media does a wonderful job with it's " pit coverage".
    Anyhow this baby, managed to drag herself to me, and take care of me, when I was to be taking care of her.
    She has been with me ever since, she is now almost 2 1/2 years old.She is my service animal, along with baby. You guessed it,I wouldn't give her back. My children are jealous, because she is spoiled. She has a pet kitten, she raised it like it was her baby. She plays with neighborhood childre and dogs, I've never seen any aggression.
    Make up your own mind, you have that right. Don't take the APBT or SBT's right to live, away. The media is going to show predjudice, against Rottwielers and even dobermans, Insurance companies, and yes even the animal shelters. They are all guilty, of predjudice.
    The Sheltie, never made it to the Animal shelter, they let a couple keep him in quarentine, for 10 days.
    Do you think for 1 sec. that a animal shelter, would ever let that happen with a APBT or other similar breeds? The truth is these breeds would never see the light of day again.

    Well there you have it, my opinion, but you know the old saying.

    In strange enviroments, anything can happen. That is not only true with animals. Take a look at your life, I'm sure you'll agree.

  68. can we put a ban on public officials that don't do thier jobs
    and kids that don't do thier chores? What about spouses that work long hours?

    banning breeds is wrong, how about banning owners that don't comply with treating the animal with respect?

    If you've been convicted of fighting, or abuse, then WE ban YOU, from owning another animal

  69. i agree with you banning pitbulls or any dog breed for that matter is completely wrong.

    im a dog owner of a german shepherd and i've had people give complants because she lookes mean or barks when someone comes to the door its stupid.

    and your right they are just like kids they need love and they need disapline.

  70. i think banning any animal is Bullshit.... if there banning Pitsbulls it like there gonna ban labs next if fuckin dumb

  71. HI Steve, I am also of Armenian descent, and a dog lover. I live all the way in Alaska and although pitbulls are a common breed up here, a lot of people still have the same rumored misconceptions.
    I have two pits. One is an 75 pound8 year old Red nosed male that is gentle as a lamb. The other is an 86 pound female that is just coming up on 2 years old. The deadliest thing on her is her tail, which can clear the coffee table. My 8 pound Chihuahua often antagonizes her, and she plays with him all day long. She has never caused him to wince in pain, or treated him aggressively. My male was wonderful with my two older kids, and guarded me while I was pregnant with my third. He has done nothing but love my youngest son since the moment we brought him home. These dogs have never so much as scratched my child, and the male would even go lay near my playing baby as if to shield him from harm. I think there is a horrible misconception around these dogs. Aside from the ones specifically led to fighting, pitbulls are excellent family and childrens companions and if you look into history you will find them while you watch the little rascals or even in the pet role of several American presidents. So to all the ignorant people "Amot Kezi !!" (Shame on you / Armenian)

  72. I have a wonderful pit bull that is the light of my life. Just to prove the point that the upbringing matters, I recently took in a litter of 4 orphaned kittens.
    The cause of their mother's death: Killed by my neighbors blood hound/mix dog.

    My dog had never been around cats before I brought them in so I kept my fiance and I kept our dog on a leash and tested his temperment with the kittens. He did nothing but furiously wag his tail and try to sniff them.

    To this day none of the kittens were eaten, all went to good homes and I kept the runt of the litter since she needed more care and she now thinks she is a pitbull too. My dog loves her and would never harm her nor would he let anyone else harm her.

    I have been around many pits who have lived and died and never once did they "snap", harm or attack anyone or anything.

    Yes there are some pits who are naturally aggressive. Yes I think they should be put to sleep. The same goes for german shepards, dobermans, labs. The list goes on.

    And for who ever said that as a parent they fear for their child, well guess what? That wonderfully kind neighbor or the guy that bags your groceries, could be a rapist. Leave your kid to take the bus home once and he/she will could be abducted. Take your kid to the wrong daycare center and they will be molested. Send them off to college and they are in a world full of murderers, rapists, those people who raise their dogs as weapons.


  73. i agree isnt fair to punish a dog for the stupidy of their owners. there's a saying that dogs are man's best friend, and seeing how people turned their backs on the dogs just for acting the way they were raised is revolting.I have had only pitbulls as pets and not one has acted nor even attemtpted to attack anyone...I hate when people refer to pitbulls as "predetors" because if they would just open up there eyes and see who are the true predetors...yes a pitbull can kill a man but the amount of deaths caused by any animal of the same nature isnt anywhere near the amount of deaths caused by man.i believe that people who are cruel to animals will only stop once they have killed every other animal and then they will realize who was really at fault....I might not be the oldest, wisest person but what i have and every other person that agrees with have is common sense and the sense of reason.

  74. I agree with everyone who says Pitbulls should be banned. EVERY pitbull owner who's dog ends mauling or attacking someone says the same thing. "He was such a good dog. He never was aggressive or bit anyone." They are unpredictable. They are NOT like any other dog. And sometimes training just isn't enought. A friend of mines ex-husband had two of them. They were his babies and "the best dogs he ever had". One day his daughter decides to lie down next to one of these great dogs on the bed and the freakin thing attacked her biting her on the head. Even after the attack the moron didn't want to put the dogs down. It wasn't until my friend threatened to take his all custody of the children away did he chose his "real" babies over the vicous animals. I wish ALL cities would ban pitbulls!

  75. pitbulls are the most loyal dogs!!every dog is the same you cant blame just one certain breed because all dogs are alike!!!nothing more or less....people are judgemental and stereotypical...OPEN YOUR EYES!!! you people are just trying to blame the pitbulls so you can keep your chihuahuas, dalmations, and your precious little pomeranians and chow chows!!! those people are selfish and they disgust me...those dogs i just named are the real dangerous ones because they get jealous and they have a low tolerance for pain....if a 3 year old goes up to one of those breeds i named, and that 3 year old accidently pulls their ear that child is going to get the worse....its time to blame the ones who are really at fault.

  76. Banning pitbulls is the stupidest thing I have ever heard!!! Okay if the black man next door robs the 7/11 downtown, should we ban all black people? If the Mexican across the street rapes and murders his first cousin, should we ban all Mexicans? If the white man goes and blows up the white house should we ban all white people? I mean come on now people!!! Lets get serious about this!!! Yes pitbulls were once bred for fighting but guess what they were bred to fight, bulls!!!! not humans!! they were never trained to attack humans they were trained to love and protect their family!!! I had a friend that his house got broken into and he owned a pitbull terrier, the man broke in his house and tried to rob him and his family, he had 3 children in the house sleeping soundly in the living room when the burgular entered to house, the pitbull doing her duty attacked the man and bit him on the arm and only pinned him to the floor. The burgular took my friend to court and won. The dog was put down and he lost a total of $25,000 in pain and suffering dues, so basically the man robbed my friend legally, my friend still owns a pitbull today, and the burgular is still collecting his dues. Now what kind of bullshit is that, what if it would have been a collie or a poodle or a golden retriever on the other side of the door, everyone would of looked at it like it was only protecting his/her home. but no it was a pitbull doing that same exact thing, PROTECTING HER HOME AND FAMILY!!! So i think all of the pitbull lovers in the world should get together and fight this stupid BSL law!!!! People from every, state, county, city, province, or territory, should come together and ban the government and not pitbulls or any breed. I have learned one thing in my life and that is if it has teeth it bites from a Peek-a-poo to a Neopalitain Mastiff!!! They bite it all depends on how the dog was taught!!! Now again i say, if one mom drowns her baby because of god knows why should we ban all mothers? Think about what you are doing people before you do it!!!!!


  77. I have a pitbull and she has been apart of my family for over 12 years. She has NEVER attacked or bitten anyone. It doesn't matter what breed the dog is, all dogs are aggresive to a certain extent. I'm tired of people saying that all pitbulls are bad and should be banned from having as pets! Raising any animal is the same as raising a child. If raise and train the dog to be mean and aggresive, than thats what their gonna do cause thats what they were taught. But if you train them to be friendly, than they will nice. It all depends on who has ownership of the dogs. Parents should also teach their child/ren no to provoke the animals. Dogs don't like it and it's they get mad. Don't bark at them or throw things at it through a gate. That makes the animal feel threatened and ready to attack!