Saturday, July 9, 2005

Last night...

Raffi, my bud from LA, came to San Francisco for a night to hang out with Rupen and myself. We had a smashing good time :)

We "pre-partied" at "Psi O", the fraternity house that Rupen lives in, from 6-10PM. In that time, I learned a new drinking game called High-Low. It's tremendously fun, unfortunately, it got me trashed.

We finally got our asses in gear and headed out to a bar/club called Blondies in the Mission. The drinking continued throughout the night, until 2AM, at which point they kindly kicked our asses out onto the street.

Raffi, Linda (someone fun I met at Psi O), and I took a cab back to Rupen's to continue the festivities. Too bad I was so utterly trashed. I don't really remember anything beyond leaving the club and getting in the Taxi. I vaguely remember feeling ill and paying a visit to the bathroom.

I do recall passing-out in there... but this morning I woke up on the couch with no idea how I got there. Some kind soul was even nice enough to cover me with a blanket.

This morning, I woke up with the worst hang-over I've head in recent memory. I suppose it's the indication of having a "really good time". It's days like that, that your body really really appreciates a greasy breakfast.

3 more weeks till London. I'm excited!



  1. shit at least it wasn't with your pants around your ankles in the public toilet with a tranny's wig nearby in Moorea, AGAIN.


  2. Steve, Steve, Steve...just ran across this...i think i bought you too many jack and cokes, not that i remember how we got home either.

    I guess Linda paid for the cab, thank her for me.

    Can't wait to come up to visit again.