Sunday, September 11, 2005

The Big Update

It's been 42 days since I last updated this blog and a lot has happened. I'll recap basically what's happened on a week by week basis.

August 1-8: I was in England, having a great time. I did some sight-seeing, ate lots of clotted cream, remained honest with Sharon, made friends with the locals, and finally came home.

August 9-15: Got back to work, dove into planning for the iTunes 5 release. Worked on marketing briefs, went back and forth on specific bugs I'd like to see fixed, installed lots of builds, went to lots of meetings, my personal life took the back seat.

August 16-22: Went on my first date with a girl named Alin. She's my age, fun, done with school, comes from a good family, and best of all, Armenian (this makes my mom happy).

August 23-29: Mom came to visit, introduced her to Alin, worked my ass off: preparing drive images for the upcoming launch event, attending meetings, reviewed launch materials, took mom to BBQ at Alin's folks house, had a good time.

August 30-September 5: Took mom to the airport, had falling out with Sharon, became friends again, reviewed more launch materials, prepared more drive images, created lots of documentation, spent days (and nights) at Moscone Center preparing for the impending doom of the launch.

September 6-11: Launched iTunes 5, was barraged by friends wanting an iPod nano, went bowling (did well), took Friday off and whisked Alin away to go swimming in the river, cooked her dinner, showed her Santa Cruz, ate great breakfast at Café Brazil, and let Sophie romp in the forrest.

Now I'm back and here we go again. Life starts all over again tomorrow. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.



  1. it's lather, rinse, repeat. you don't rinse BEFORE lathering, dipshit.

  2. drr. you're right. i'm an idiot.


  3. Congratulations on the iTunes release it sure is a step in the right direction UI wise. A bigger revamp would be very welcome (no modal windows, make another thread do the filewriting to reduce delays, etc.) I'm gonna file them as bugs soon just to remind you.

    Steev, you are a programmer and you should know better not to make unconditional loops even when working for Apple. That way you never leave the shower :)

    -- Jonathan

  4. Hey Mr. iTunes. Can you convince the mighty powers that be that Album Artist data should exist in iTunes & iPod? I'm tied of having to be forced to make albums appear in Compilations, even if they aren't compilations and just have a few different artists on some tracks. Being limited to the same Artist on each track sucks, too.