Monday, October 31, 2005

There comes a time.

So I've made a big decision and it pertains to this blog. I've decided that I'm finally going to start maintaining two blogs. One, that's private, containing thoughts and emotions that I feel are not appropriate for the general public, while maintaining this public blog for just everything else.

Why? Because I've reached an age where I don't need the entire world to know all of my dirty laundry. The reason why I've maintained this blog for as long as I have is because I wanted to have something to show my kids when they were old enough. Something to prove to them that I too had the same thoughts and feelings that they're experiencing at that point of their lives.

I've decided that rather than trying to censor myself, I'll just give myself an alternate outlet to explore these feelings without exposing myself to the public, friends, and family to embarrassment.

I wonder if this will effect how much I write or how frequently. We shall see.

Okay, time for bed. Hope all is well. Happy Halloween.



  1. Hey... Parev! Inch bes es? It's good to see another Armenian name.

  2. even though i understand that there comes a point/age where you stop exposing yourself like you did in the past, it really is a pitty.
    i enjoyed reading your .plan/blog for ... don't know ... years... back in the somewhat early nullsoft days, o' happy days...
    it's not quite the right expression, but thanks for your blogging in the past.