Monday, December 5, 2005

Can't Sleep. Let's Ramble.

I spent the evening at Alin's house tonight. That was pleasant. Her dad and I put up their Christmas lights early in the evening which I enjoyed. I love decorating for holidays.

I've noticed that whenever my parents ask me to do anything, I get frustrated and huff and puff the whole way through. But when Alin's parents ask me to do the exact same thing, it's not big deal. I know why that is, but it's just funny that it's the case. There shouldn't be any reason why I do that with my parents, and yet I do. I wonder if that'll ever get old.

Today, I decided to try and fix my La-Z-Boy recliner. It has a built in massager, which wasn't working properly. There's a set of 5 different pads, 2 of which stopped working about 2 years ago. I was inspired by the massage chair that Alin's folks bought. After a few hours of tinkering, I figured out what the problem was.

Inside the back of the chair, there's a little circuit board that feeds each of the massage pads their power. Apparently, the two pads in question somehow had their wires torn out from the circuit board.

The wires themselves were still inside of the bundle that was soldered into other parts of the circuit board, but they had been pulled inside of the bundle by some tension. Using some needle-nose plyers, I extracted the wires. Now, I need to figure out, of the four wires, which one goes well and re-solder them to the board.

I'm really excited at the prespect of fixing this. I was already able to get the built in fridge working. Outside of the broken massage pads and the integrated telephone, that chair will be 'good as new."

I'll have to work on that next weekend, or maybe sometime this week. Anyway, I'm going to try and get some sleep. It's now 2:30 and I have to drive to Cupertino at the crack of dawn.

Good night.


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