Monday, December 26, 2005

Good bye Los Angeles, Hola Uruguay!

It's 2:00AM and I can't sleep. I'm laying here in bed, counting the minutes until tomorrow morning's flight out of Burbank and back to SF.

At 2:40PM, Alin and I connect from SFO to Houston, and then to Buenos Aires, followed by a prompt landing in Montevideo. I'm so excited I'm going to burst.

This was our gift to ourselves, and a little pricey at that, a much needed break.

Speaking of gifts, considering it is now officially the day after Christmas, what did everyone out there get? Anything cool, like perhaps, an iPod with video? :) How about a brand new iMac?

Sure, these are just shameless plugs of my company's wares, but hey, somethings gotta keep that stock moving up up up.

Which also reminds me, how completely ridiculous taxes are for profits made from sale of stock. I was looking at selling some stock and noticed that once I exercise it, I lose 43% of it to taxes. What the hell is that?

They should put some sort of sliding scale to that. If you make, i.e. 0-$100K on the sale of a stock, you should be taxed at like 15%, if you make 100K-500K you lose 20%, and make 500K-1M could be as bad as 30%, but people, 43%? That's just robbery.

I've been looking towards using my stock as a way to make owning a house some day a little more attainable, unfortunately, it just seems like that's years away from becoming a reality. *sigh*

Oh well, for now, no fretting or dreading. For now, I shall drink mojitos and maitais while laying on the beach and soaking up the sun with my love. Now, only 9 hours and 40 minutes remaining till I see her yet again. Counting the seconds.

Hope you're all doing well. Enjoy the remainder of your "holidays."



  1. Your commentary on the tax liability from the sale of shares is realized by many. Let’s examine the some of the causes: somewhere out there are fools who vote for collectivist / leftist senators and congressmen, known as law makers, who have made these laws known as the tax code. This tax code taxes the earnings of corporations and then the individual; double taxation. Think first, vote second.

    It is possible that you did not vote the Marxists into power. In that case call and write and e-mail their office and become the squeaky wheel.

  2. hi, i just found your blog after searching for uruguay on blogger. what made you decide to go there? i was born there but grew up in canada. i'm also armenian.

    akalemkerian at

  3. I think i read somewhere that if you keep the stock for a year then you only pay tax on the profit as if it were income, rather than the bend-over 40+ percent. At least i hope so.

    And thanks for doing a great job at your job... has really helped my stocks the last few months.