Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Good Web Based Photo Gallery

What the hell is it about Photo Gallery's that is so hard to get right? I have to say, I've never used on that I just outright love.

The current gallery I'm using is called Coppermine, which I've been using for some time now. My major gripe with it is that's it's a fucking pain to get photos from iPhoto onto the web. A developer kindly made an iPhoto plug-in that works, barely.

I've heard Gallery is good but I don't want to setup something that's database dependent, although I'm pretty certain that Coppermine itself is.

I like BlorpSciprt, but updating the "look and feel" is a pain with that, so it makes it really difficult for me to make it look the way I want it to. Plus, again, there's no integration with iPhoto.

*sigh*, if there were only an easy way to build and maintain a photo gallery that integrated with iPhoto and did not suck. ;(


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  1. there is gallery 1.5.2 which doesn't use a database as backend and works quite well. have a look at it