Tuesday, January 31, 2006

A big day.

This is a big day for the nerd side of me. I am writing to you for the first time from my brand new iMac Core Duo. I have to say that I'm super impressed with it. I simply ADORE Front Row and PhotoBooth. Front Row is just perfect for my apartment. Being able to control my music from my couch without even getting up just rocks.

PhotoBooth and the built in iSight is just great. I do have to tune the lighting on my desk to improve the photos but nonetheless, simply stunning.

Also, comparing the performance of apps with my now obsolete PowerBook is a sight to behold. It's everything I hoped it would be. World of Warcraft plays better on my iMac in "translation" than on my PowerBook on the native compiled CPU. Also, I've tried every single app I had for my PowerMac and everything seems to work flawlessly. It's simply killer. Love it.

If you have been teetering on getting one of these things for yourself, stop waiting. It's fantastic.

Now, all I have to wait for is for someone to figure out how to get XP to boot on this thing and my PC is completely obsolete.



  1. Steev, I'm there with you! Come by and check out my iMac photogallery. Up and running 18 hours and counting...

  2. Really? Mmm ok... I'll wait with my G5 until I see something really interesting, but thank you anyway ;)

  3. i am just curious, why has apple chosen to resurrect something like ir for frontrow?
    it would have been great if they chose bluetooth for their remote control, as i see that as a big step forward (no need to point to the receiver, always said to be energy efficient, + the usual bluetooth hype).... might have missed something though