Saturday, March 4, 2006

what the hell is the matter with me?

By this, I mean, why am I up at 4AM in bed and having difficulty falling asleep. I swear, whenever Alin's not around, it completely throws off my sleeping patterns. It's as though I'm awake, waiting to see her. It's funny how the mind works.

I spent the evening at her house tonight. After work, I went over to her sister's, where her and the family were visiting their new baby. Afterwards, we went back to Alin's house where we had dinner together, which is always extremely pleasant.

After dinner, I fell asleep on Alin's bed. She joined soon after and we laid with the door open, cuddling, well after everyone went to bed. At about 12:30AM I woke up and drove home. Alin talked to me on the phone the whole way so I wouldn't get drowsy, I love that she does that.

I got home tonight and started to do my traffic school. Fortunately it's pretty cheap and it's going by pretty fast. I suspect that I'll be done sometime tomorrow morning, assuming I wake up in the morning. Afterwards, I'm going to go to get fitted for a suit for Tom's wedding.

Uh, yeah. So that's it, that's my plans for now. Maybe Al and will go on a hike this weekend, somewhere pretty.




  1. can i tell u something? =) i kept waking up all night and then feeling bummed that u werent around. i mean its 7 am on a saturday and i can't sleep...something's the matter with me too!

  2. Hey now, my woman is Al, yours needs to stay Alin, or we'll get really confused...