Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Happy Birthday to Me.

Yes, last Friday was my birthday. The BIG 26. Whoppdidoo. I feel no different, I guess I'm not surprised either. Had the fortunate opportunity to celebrate that little birthday of mine in the Central Valley. Tom and Claire booked their wedding day on the day after my Birthday. I told him not to. I pleaded. He just laughed and laughed and told me to "suck it up".

Well, I did. Alin and I drove down to "The Valley" and camped out for 2 days in an orange grove to celebrate Mr. Pepper and Ms. Mears' wedding. There were loads of people I knew, some of who I hadn't seen for years.

Both Alin and I had a great time.

I do recall before going how much I was stressing about my "best man speech". In the end, I didn't prepare anything. I just grabbed the mic, said some nice words and walked off. It was easier than I expected and Tom and Claire seemed pleased.

I can't wait for this weekend. Alin's taking me up to Napa for a weekend get-away. She's booked us stay in somewhere called Silverado Resort, in Napa. We're going to do a little wine tasting, a little lazying around, and a nice dinner. I'm so looking forward to this, none of you know :)

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