Sunday, August 6, 2006

Day 3. Must. Keep. Going.

Thanks to Alin and I running into Amy, our time in Lima was most interesting. We got to enjoy the local food, activities, and culture.

In the morning, we Alin and I had breakfast in our hotel. They provided us a choice of cereal, fresh fruits, pancakes, and more. They had a yogurt drink that appeared to be blended with Strawberries. So delicious.

After breakfast, we met up with Amy, who took us to the place she´s staying in Miraflores. It´s the gorgeous mansion, converted into a travel club, called the South American Explorers Club. Member travelers can stop in for some rest and use of the local facilities, get discounts on local activities and more.

At the club house, we met up with Amy´s roommate Jenny and a third friend, Ann. We all went out to Central Lima, to the National Stadium, where we bought tickets for the day´s futbol match. The teams were both evenly matched and both sides were well represented by their local fans. There was lots of chanting and yelling, and the occasional riot. Most entertaining.

It was quite unusual to see the Police in heavy riot gear, scattered throughout the Stadium to ensure the fans don´t get out of hand. There were riot tanks outside and guards at every entrance. Just not something you see at your run-of-the-mill sports match.

After the game, we went back to the club house to hang out and talk. After an hour of rest, we went out to a nearb "authentic" Peruvian restaurant called Los Tejas. The food was... delicious. We started out with a dish of tamalitos which heavenly. Then, Alin and I split an entree called Limos Saltidas, a grilled strips of tender beef, situated on a bed of fritas. The food was excellent.

Afterwards, we walked to a local ice cream parlor, where the girls introduced us to a flavor of ice cream only available in Peru. The ice cream, named after of a native Peruvian fruit called Locuma, was light and soft. It was served as a Sundae, with whipcream and fudge. It was remincent to ice creams with liqour but had it´s own distinct taste. I can´t wait for our next taste of it.

We stayed at the parlor sharing what we loved about our favorite documentary films and reminicing of days gone by. We had an amazing time and it was a perfect way to draw our day in Lima to a close. I have no idea what awaits us in Cusco tomorrow, but if it´s anything like our time in Lima, I know we´re going to have a great time.

Time to go to bed, we have our flight in less than 12 hours and need our a full night´s rest.

Ciao! Hasta maƱana!


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