Friday, August 4, 2006

We made it! Here we go...

Oh goodness. We made it to Lima, Peru in one piece. So far so good. Thankfully, the trip here was free of drama, twists and turns, and other complications that I´ve had the great fortune of experiencing on previous travels.

Alin and I are setup for the night at in Miraflores at a place called Hotel de Las Americas. This place is supposed to be a five star hotel. It´s definitely nice, I just wouldn´t consider it a five-star hotel as compared to places I´ve been to in the States. Nevertheless, it´s a warm place to lay our heads, comes with free breakfast, and most importantly free Internet access. This basically means I can come in here and update this hear blog without any worries about how long I might take or what it might cost.

We checked into this place and were delighted to a free cocktail, a pisco sour, on the house. We made our way to the piano bar to redeem our free drink and have ourselves a late dinner. The ambiance of this place is comforting, safe, and friendly.

Alin and I are making a very concious effort to try and speak the language. It´s going to definitely be a challenge, but I don´t feel it is insurmountable (sp?). Getting to the hotel was entertaining. We rented a car for our stay in Lima, which will total 3 days, including today. We were fortunate enough to have our car parked downstairs in the parking lot of our hotel. I´m not so sure we´re going to be that lucky as we´ll be moving out of this place and into something a little, how you say... affordable?

For our first night in Lima, I´m pretty excited. I am definitely looking forward to the memories Alin and I will forge on this trip. I´m sure we´ll have great stories for the grand kids.

Miss you all back in the States, much love.


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