Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Wow! No Comments?

I just noticed that my readership must be down, probably because I don't write on this blog as much as I used to. I've received no comments from my friends or family. How exciting. That in fact makes me feel more comfortable.

Looks like there's no bowling this week. Justin's in England for a wedding, DB is moving, Newton is down so maybe we'll do something. Wonder if Brennan or Rob Mayor will chime in.

I've recently been using iLike and I have to say... I like... I'm quite fond of the iTunes app integration. I find it most useful to keep tabs on what my friends are listening to. I also love the compatibility meter. That I find to be quite excellent as well.

I've been recently watching the show Heroes on NBC. It's a pretty cool concept, not your traditional super hero story. Definitely been tuning in every week, hopefully this won't be canceled next season. That's one of the many bummers of broadcast television. A show comes on for a season and if it doesn't perform as the network expects, wham, gone. For us viewers that discovered it, tough shit. It's really quite a shame because some the shows that get canceled are quite good.

On that note, so long Scrubs, it was great having you around.

Now, I suppose it's time for me to go on my way. Have a good night folks.


  1. Scrubs returns November 30th (a Thursday)!

  2. Uhh... what? How about some juicy Apple gossip next time?