Thursday, May 3, 2007

What am I doing up at this hour.

This whole Facebook thing is pretty cool. I find that I am spending more time checking out what's going on on Facebook than MySpace. MySpace is just this huge mess. It reminds me of what AOL used to be like in the early days, completely out of control.

Give people an inch and they turn their profile into a giant fucking neon sign of crap and loud annoying music.

I've also been using iLike pretty much non-stop for a few months now. Probably the most compelling capability of it is keeping tabs on what my friends are listening. I've found a few times where some of my friends are listening to stuff that I've never heard of and generally like. It's a pretty neat experience to have that kind of visibility into your friend's tastes in music.

Alin and I are making our way down to LA the week after next. We're going to visit for mother's day, which should, in theory, be nice. We'll see if that's how it pans out. :P

I don't know what else to blab about. I should probably just go to bed.


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