Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Alive and Well in Costa Rica

That's right. We made it. We got hitched on Friday in the Fresno heat. We were grateful to be in such wonderful company. To see our friends & family surround us, and share one of our most important moments with us.  It was very heartwarming.

In hindsight, both Alin and I wish it had all lasted longer. It all seemed to happen so fast. We both remember the ceremony, with every detail committed to memory. However, once the ceremony was over, it seemed that the reception zoomed by with us hardly having time to relish in it. Nevertheless, it was a wonderful night and we were both happy with the results.

On Monday night, Alin and I made our way to the airport after a calm day of preparing for our trip, running last minute errands, and the like. Our flight left from San Francisco at 10:40PM to fly all the way to Charlotte, North Carolina. From there, we had a connecting flight to San José, Costa Rica with a four hour layover. It seemed that the hours moved at a snails pace. Alin and I had a chance to eat a small breakfast and even nap before the flight.

Our flight was long and not as comfortable as we would have both liked. We decided to use miles to fly on "first class" which ended up being more like business class on US Airways. Alin tries to console me on the fact that the plane was of a smaller type and so the accommodations aren't as great. I'm still annoyed that the seats didn't recline while providing foot rests. I'll get over it, some day. :)

When we landed in Costa Rica, the weather that we'd been reading so much about lived up to expectations. By this, I don't mean beautiful sunny weather, I mean lightning that blinds and thunder that reverberates through your body. We were both kind of caught off guard by the first strike. Clueless on how to get to our rental car, we waited outside the airport for a shuttle, waiting nearly 30 minutes and fumbling through a little Spanish to figure out what to do next.

Once our shuttle showed up, this couple, seemingly a son and her mom, showed up late to the shuttle, after it was filled with other eager passengers. The mother made a huge fit and kept our shuttle waiting while the poor staff tried to figure out how to please her. She held up the shuttle until a SECOND shuttle could arrive from the rental place to take her. Of course, it pulled in front of us and she was able to zoom to the rental place well before we all got there. It was frustrating to have to stand behind her in line after all that. I really wanted to give her a piece of something, mind, foot in her ass, anything.

Alin and I decided that, given the time of day, by this time about 4:30, it would be safest to get a GPS with our rental. What a life saver. With it there to guide us, we were able to get to our first destination, Manuel Antonio within 4 hours. It was nightfall by the time we arrived at the hotel and while I vaguely remembered Quepos, we would have certainly been lost without it.

Our hotel, called Makanda by the Sea, was a small private resort consisting of 10 or so cabinas, featuring their own kitchens, bathroom and walk in shower. Ours had an amazing view of the ocean from our huge folding glass French doors. It lacked privacy but made up for it in seclusion.

Poor Alin was caught a little off guard by the whole bug situation in Costa Rica. If you haven't been, you'll learn that much of Costa Rica is jungle, and with jungles come BIG bugs. Even the ants are like 3x the size of regular ants. She's been a great sport so far and making the best of things. 

With that, that's the end of day 1.

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