Saturday, July 14, 2007

Day 2: The day we did absolutely nothing.

Boy, was it a great day 2. Alin and I woke up at noon on day 2 in our soft and warm bed. We had mosquito netting over our bed which made it feel like the tents you made as a kid on your parents bed. 

We managed to crawl out of bed and started our day. First order of business was to check out this "private beach" that our hotel claimed they had. It was down the drive way and roughly 500 steps down the hill side to a small cove. The shoreline was rocky with patches of smooth sand. Locals appeared to be enjoying a dip in the ocean, their kids playing and splashing as we arrived.

Alin and I quickly secured our belongings to a nearby tree and hopped in for a dip. We swam around for probably 30 minutes, playing and taking pictures all the way. After the thunder and lightning started in the distance, we thought it best to return to higher ground.

About this time, we decided to head down to Quepos and take care of a few loose ends. We made our way to the local bank to exchange some money, then walked over to Iguana Tours to make a reservation for rafting and a hike on the next day. We met up with Jorge, my guide from a previous trip, unfortunately he didn't remember who I was :/ I guess I can't blame him, he sees thousands of faces a year in that business. Nevertheless, he was incredibly nice to both Alin and I and when he found out that we were newlyweds, he felt compelled to give us a gift. Alin is now the proud owner of a size M Iguana Tours "Specialist" employee T-shirt, awesome.

Jorge also recommended a nearby eatery called Agua Azul for lunch, on our drive back to our hotel we stopped in but it was closed so instead, Alin and I whipped our Lonely Planet and found another place called "El Mono Loco" in Manuel Antonio a few miles down the road.

The food at El Mono Loco was delicious and the wait staff very friendly. After we squared away the bill, they even offered a parking spot for today and tomorrow free of charge, which we really appreciated. 

After lunch, Alin and I toured the local vendors and then made our way out onto the beach. The beaches in Manuel Antonio are quite beautiful. The sand is soft and smooth, the shoreline long, and the waves large and playful. It was low tide at the time and Alin and I just lazily walked along the shore, dipping our feet in the water as we passed the time. Very relaxing.

After our little excursion, we decided to head back to the hotel to catch some pictures of the sunset. We went to a viewpoint that we stumbled across and took a dozen photos, with nothing looking very striking. Sweating from the heat, we decided to make our way out to the pool. We were extremely lucky to see the last moments of an even more amazing sunset. We decided to jump in the infinity pool and take some silhouette shots of us against the sun. The photos came out amazing.

After some play time in the pool, we hopped out and grabbed a small bite to eat at the poolside restaurant. Within an hour we had finished our appetizer dinner and decided to retire for the night. It was a wonderful day of just lounging around. I wish I could do this every day.


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