Tuesday, March 24, 2009

We're so spoiled.

Yes, my fellow humans. We are unbelievably and utterly spoiled. We want (and think we deserve) everything. Not only that, we want it fast, cheap, and easy.

Case in point, the housing "crisis." Part of me wants to feel pity for the millions of people out there who bought their big fancy homes, with their 0% down ARMs, and are now losing their homes. Really I do. Unfortunately, the cynical and resentful side of me is relishes in their misfortune.

Why? You know why. You think it too. Many of you try to deny the anger, but it's there. Others of you try to let it go, but it's hard to swallow.

Alin and I work really hard. Sometimes even nights and weekends. We pay our fair share of taxes. We pay Alin's school loans, always on time. We do not live on credit. We help out family both financially and with our time. With all that, we even try and save for our retirement and a down payment for our first home.

But others are not so righteous. Others do not take their responsibilities as members of society so seriously. It's painfully obviously if you spend a little time checking out open houses. What we've been finding is just infuriating. People are in trouble. Thousands are desperately trying to unload the homes they bought that they couldn't afford.

Rather than owning up to their mistakes, they lie to your face. They insist that the price is a steal! "It's 30% less than what we paid for! We're even losing our down payment!"

But Red Fin tells you truth. With a few taps of the keyboard and clicks of the mouse, it all unfolds. Seller after seller, lying through their teeth to save their own skin. It's maddening. These people deserve to lose their homes.

People are always ready for the upside from the risks they take, but no one wants to suffer the consequences when things go sour. It's a lack of accountability and an expectation of entitlement that's consuming the soul of our society.

But if you're not complaining about losing your home, you're like me – complaining about how you can't afford to buy one.

We complain about everything. If it's not the squeaky breaks on our new car, it's how your phone drops a call at the same place. Or maybe it's how it takes your computer 1 second longer than you expected to do what you commanded it to – it's always something.

We're all spoiled and we love to complain about it.

I don't know why we do it. Maybe we find it therapeutic? Maybe it helps us feel like our lives have meaning? Whatever the reason, it's stupid.

There are parts of this planet where people go to war because they don't have water to drink. I can drink water any time I want. I just walk 10 feet from this computer, turn a little knob, and out it comes, SIMPLY AMAZING.

I mean think about it! It's un-f#%king-believable that I'm transmitting my thoughts using my computer and a service I don't even pay for directly into your brain through another machine that you're privileged enough to own. And what am I doing with all this amazing technology? Complaining, of course!

What the hell do I have to complain about? My life is incredibly awesome.

But it's hard. We're all selfish. We know the healthy thing to do is to let it go. But the feeling of "it's not right" and the logic of "it's not worth it" create a conflict that we can't seem to resolve – a never ending war between your heart and your brain.

Maybe talking about it will help make sense of it. Maybe it won't. In either case, thanks for reading.


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