Thursday, April 9, 2009

Funny thing about Birthdays with Facebook...

So I just turned 29 on Tuesday. Yay. What did I get for all my troubles? Well, It rained. The music labels raised the price of good music and lowered the price of some of the old. Barack Obama went to Turkey and copped out on a campaign promise to my fellow Armenians. I also was given Birthday wishes by dozens of people thanks to Facebook.

The last one is what I find most interesting. People I know from as far away as Australia took a moment to wish me a happy birthday. People I've known all my life or just a few months alike wished me a great big Happy Birthday on my wall for all to see.

It was also fascinating to see how it would come in waves. Circles of people would send me a birthday wish, which would trigger it to show up on their feed, causing others to wish it as well...

The "network effect" in action, plain as day, all because I turned one year older.

That is all.

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