Saturday, April 18, 2009

It's really great to be home.

I had the distinct pleasure to visit Memphis, TN, and Jackson, MI this week. My coworker, Camille, and I flew to Memphis on Tuesday evening and returned from Jackson just last night.

While we were there, we had the opportunity to interact with the locals while enjoying the warm weather.

By the end of our stay in Memphis, both Camille and I were feeling a little down about our visit. We hadn't made as much progress as we had hoped and were starting to feel a little home sick.

Memphis was an interesting city. We drove around plenty, and we both kept wondering, where are all the people? Everywhere we went, the city felt a bit... desolate...

The one thing we did enjoy about Memphis was Beale St. It's the focal point of the live music and club scenes in Memphis. Most of the bars had live music. Many of the songs were covers, but the bands performed them with great skill. It was one of the few highlights of our trip.

We were only able to spend the afternoon in Jackson, but I wish we had avoided Memphis altogether. The people of Jackson were plentiful, kind, and very cooperative. We were able to make significant strides towards reaching the goals we set out for our project, in just a few short hours.

Nevertheless, as exciting as our diversion was, I do have to say - I'm grateful to be home.


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