Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Fewer. And Far Between.

Maybe it's the advent of Twitter... Or maybe it's just my age, but blogging just doesn't have that same feeling anymore.

I used to LOVE sitting on my laptop up in Boulder Creek (a.k.a. middle of no where) and chronicling my latest infatuation or simply whatever was on my mind. In recent years, blogging has lost it's luster.

Now, I'm nearly 32, married, have two kids, a house, a career. I hardly find time for the activity that defined my early 20s. Maybe I'll get back into it when I get older, it'll probably be retro by then. Or, more likely, it'll be considered an ancient thing old people used to do when they were younger... like sending letters to eachother.

By the time my kids are teenagers, kids won't bother even attempting to fit their thoughts into 140 characters. They'll just lifecast every waking moment of their day to everyone they know over video, capturing every waking moment on the Internet for all to see. I'm sure I'll wonder what kids of the day see in it, just as our parents ponder the value of Twitter and Facebook today. They don't get it. Just as I won't get it.

At least I'll have this. My retro journal, something to remind me (and teach my kids) of what I was like when I was young.

For those of you who are interested in the quick recap...

  • Amelie's terrible twos are in full-effect. Oh, it's so much more splendid than I ever thought it would be. Despite all that, it's impossible not to love her. You can try to get upset, but then you look at photos like this float by on your Apple TV (It's a Small World@Disneyland) and all your frustration melt away.

  • Ainsley (our second) was born on August 13th. She's about 5 months and oh so adorable. Just a little gloating (which is hard to do with a five month old), but she's been sleeping through the night since she was about 3 months old... yes, all you other parents can hate us.

  • Alin and I remain happily married and going on 5 years married (woohoo!). Perhaps we'll keep our promise and make it back to Makanda by the Sea in Costa Rica this year.
  • My parents are doing as best as can be expected. Age brings about great changes in the personal health department (not).
  • Work remains interesting (and challenging).
  • Home remains gratifying (and expensive).

What else is there?



  1. nice to get a recap. I was just pruning my RSS reader the other day and was wondering if this one was ever going to get going again. You've already equaled your post count from last year.

    Sounds like life if cruising along. Great to hear.

  2. It's ok... quality over quantity, plus with all these millions of internet friends I have now, I couldn't read more than one post per season from you ;)

    No doubt our kids will be broadcasting their lives in newer more obnoxious ways... Like painting or singing, writing is such a powerful art/tool for self expression, I don't think we can lose it. This opportunity for reflection, sitting quietly and sending our intention off into the universe is just too lovely to let go.

    Instagram pleases me a great deal these days, but says too little of who I am, how far I've come or what I hope to achieve in this world. I think...

    Moving Forward.