Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 in Review

We're just about to wrap up 2012 and I wanted to take just a few moments to recap the most important events.



  • Ainsley learned to sit-up by herself.


  • Amélie upgraded from her crib to a toddler bed. She's growing up so fast.
  • March 8th: Happy 32nd Birthday to Alin.
  • March 13th: Ainsley's first tooth came in. She's even cuter than she was before.


  • April 7th: Happy 32nd birthday to me! I remember when I was 22 and looked at my brother at 32 and thought, wow that's old :) Being 32 doesn't feel as old as I thought it might.


  • May 17th: Amélie went to her first dentist. Great job, Amélie! You came out with no cavities!
  • May 17th: Ainsley learned to say "dada," she learned to clap. As if that wasn't enough, she decided it would be a good time to crawl. Walking through that front door became all the sweeter.


  • We completed a major landscaping project, redoing the entirety of our backyard. We've been mostly enjoying it, except for the sinkhole that developed in our lawn. 
  • Ainsley learned to stand within weeks of learning to crawl. Daddy and mommy are so proud.


  • July 6th: Alin and I had our 5th wedding anniversary. We've been through a lot together in the years leading up to marriage and we keep facing new challenges that we overcome together.
  • July 6th: We also celebrated the Ainsley's baptism. It was a joyous event. It was great to have my brother's family with us to celebrate the occasion.
  • July 7th: My father of 81 years passed away on July 7th. That was a very emotional time and continues to be an event which I reflect upon regularly. We miss him. I wish he and I were closer while I was growing up. What saddens me most is how little time Amélie and Ainsley had with him.
  • Ainsley learned some new moves, impressing everyone who visits with her adorable, and unique dancing skills.


  • August 6th: Ainsley learned to say "mama." Alin's heart melted on the spot.
  • August 13th: We celebrated Ainsley's first birthday. We hosted a wonderful birthday party at our home, complete with cake, a ginormous Little Mermaid themed bouncy house, and kids of all ages in attendance.
  • August 22nd: Ainsley learned to cruise. 


  • September 10th: Ainsley learned to call for grandpa... "baboo! baboo!" She hasn't stopped calling for him ever since.
  • September 12th: Ainsley switched it up and started to call me by my preferred title ... "daddy!"


  • October 14th: Ainsley took her first steps. Within weeks, Ainsley became a pro and now runs around the house showing off her new moves. She's so precious.


  • November 8th: I finished my 8th year at Apple in November. It always amazes me to reflect upon all the amazing products where I've played a role. It's very gratifying and I hope that this past 8 years was just a primer to many more years to come.
  • November 24th: We celebrated Amélie's third birthday with friends and family. We celebrated the occasion at San Mateo Children's Gymnastics with pizza and cup cakes for everyone.


  • December 26th: Ainsley's vocabulary has been blossoming. She now knows over 30 words. Good job baby.

It's been a memorable year. We're all looking forward to a wonderful 2013.

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